13123: Don’t Be Too Proud To Ask For Help

Hey there, hero!

(For those who will listen to the audio podcast: at the very beginning of the episode, I’m holding an object in my hand, up close and in focus on my camera – just in case you’re saying “How would I know what that is…I can’t see it on an audio podcast!”)

I recently needed help. I’m usually the one offering help to others, but this time…I needed help myself.

And I’ll be honest – I had to fight the urge to say “Nah! I can do this! I don’t need no stinkin’ help!”

But I did. And I found I had to set aside my desire to be self-sufficient and not to burden others…and take a bit of my own medicine.

I got help – from one of my clients, Hopper Stone (a badass photographer, who came to the Palatial Lawrence Estate and helped me set up my new video camera.)

Ever find yourself in a moment of pridefulness or embarrassment, not willing to seek the help you need? Tell me all about it in the comments below.


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  1. Great advice, and that’s a fun feature for a camera. Asking for help for me is fairly easy, but I occasionally find myself being stubborn about something and then saying, “Hey, why don’t you ask for help?”

  2. You hit the nail on the head for me, David. I am cautious, hesitant, but mostly embarrassed by my lack of knowledge when it comes to technology. I don’t want people to think “boy is she dumb”. But the good thing is I feel comfortable with you, Max and Victoria, Stuart, the other coaches and in ProConnect Live with other pros. But that feeling still creeps into the back of my mind, so I have to put it aside to get the help I need from the people I trust.

    Thank you David!


    1. Agreed – I can be hesitant and embarrassed before asking for help, and as a newbie, it’s probably even more important that I get comfortable with it!!

      Thanks for the reminder David!

  3. I’m responding to this MONTHS LATER… cuz I’m soooo on top of ALL THE THINGS. I’m super embarrassed about everything having to do VOHeroes. I paid in… and….. never did a damn thing. Why? Well… I took rash action followed by moving twice in less than a year… coupled with a ton of apprehension about how I’m gonna “do this out of my home” READ: am I really tech savy enough to handle this? I’m stuck and scared to ask for help cuz… I’m stuck and afraid to ask for help. I’m getting to the point where I think the only way forward is to just hire someone to “rig it all up for me” so I can get on with it. I mean, I can’t really participate with lessons, etc. unless I get the studio thing going, right? I’m 62 and I feel fairly confident that doing audio-book work will be a nice addition to my retirement. Will somebody offer to hold my hand and answer all my stupid questions? Aaaarrgh!

    1. People have been waiting all along – your coaches and your fellow Pros – in the ProConnect discussion group to both hold your hand and answer your questions. Take the first step and engage there.

      1. Thanks David! I was encouraged about possibly sitting in on “workouts” even though I’m not really set up yet to DO workouts?! Also, I’m considering buying a Macbook Air… does it matter if it’s M1 or M2? I’m working through the Audio set up portion of the classes.

  4. I try not to ask for help. I have no problem telling students or actors I direct to ask for help, clarification, etc. in fact I encourage it and them; however I feel I should be able to figure it out. For me it’s not pride, it’s fear of judgement….or maybe it is pride masked as fear of looking stupid, Oh today has been a day of learning.
    Thank you for the reminders.