13122: Are You (Sometimes) Out Of Order? Let’s Fix That

Hey there, hero!

I’ve observed people quickly search for an answer to a problem, find some information, and because time is of the essence…

…jump right in to “fixing” the problem. But it doesn’t get fixed, and they don’t know why. We all want to be efficient with our problem solving, but there’s a crucial component to “efficient”: your step-by-step use of that solution’s info.

In many cases, the information is great. The problem is the order of execution. Let’s take the example of Jess, who wrote me about a problem they couldn’t quite solve, even though they had all the information they needed.

It was their order of execution.

Once you’ve listened to this episode, would you please take a moment and share with me a moment that you got ahead of yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. David,
    I am a step by step kind of person. That is why I love your training as building blocks to get me where I want to go in the most logical way. The courses are ordered in the way to get me there. I didn’t jump around when I took the classes because of that. I couldn’t get ahead of myself because that would have thrown me off track.

  2. There is a theory of “Ready, Fire, Aim!” that can be useful for getting you off your duff, but there is also something to be said for process and protocols. The process is the foundation you must establish as the READY part of that action. Thanks, David, for putting the horse in its rightful place.

  3. Such an important message, David. As important as your “bias for action.” There’s a sweet spot to exercise that bias for action when we are properly prepared and trained to do so. Yes. Thank you, as always.