13124: Accents. Dialects. You: Questions. Jim: Answers.

Hey there, hero!

Here’s a quick turnaround replay of an in-depth Q&A session held a few hours ago, live on FB, YT and LI, with Jim Johnson and Dan O’Day of The Accents Class.

Questions included getting started with studying and integrating accents into your performance, how to switch between accents in narration, how to be consistent throughout a longer piece, what to watch for in terms of caricatures and potentially offensive performances, how Jim studies and helps you study a particular accent or dialect, why an actor might be good at one accent and find a challenge with another…

…and so much more.

The Accents Class is open for registration, and if you join before Tuesday night at 9p PT, you’ll get a $300 discount. Here’s the link – I highly recommend this course:


Watch this to deepen your understanding of accent and dialect work – then let me know: is this something you avoid? Is it something you embrace? Do you wish you were better at accents and dialects? Let me know in the comments below.


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