Did Drew Carey Name-Check Me On Live With Kelly and Ryan?

Hey there, hero!

OK…I’ve gotten enough notes from fans of Kelly Ripa and Ryan Secrest’s show on ABC here in the US that I’m just going to address it.

Recently, Drew Carey was a guest on the show, and gave a certain David Lawrence a shout out.

And all who have written want to know…

“Was that YOU he was talking about??”

Hope this helps!



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  1. Great story, I have always been a fan of Drew. I recently cut 3 Christmas spots with an eleven year old girl, who reads the news for her school. The parents said that she was the only family member that wasn’t too country. As I am sure you remember radio commercials with kids are either amazing or hideous. Once I helped her out of her shell she nailed them, most people tear up during the third one. I told her and mom anytime she wants to record something to give me a call. I think we might have a television star in the making.

  2. You are truly an inspiration, David! You are the perfect example of putting goodness out into the Universe, and how that ripple effect creates positive change for so many. (You helped Drew, he’s helped thousands of people in so many ways, it’s such a wonderful example of positive momentum.)

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have it happen to me. I know an artist who is very young and who needed a job. A friend ws writing a book, I got the two of them together, and she got the illustration gig — and it paved the way to better things for her. She’ now has the confidence to draw AND write, and she has three screenplays out to various celebrities. I’m very proud of her. I love encouraging people, to get them motivated to walk the path toward success, regardless of what they consider ‘success.’ I’ve been a mentor, too, and the enjoyment I’ve received from that far outweighs the efforts I’ve put into it. Funny how the Universe works — a simple gesture can mean so much to someone.