Are You Cutting The Lawn? Or Just Trimming The Edges?

Hey there, hero!

In a coaching session, I had a chance to discuss the to-do list that a client was creating, in an effort to up her game.

I asked what her plans were, and she started a list.

Except, the list was all kinds of little things that weren’t actually going to address the big issue: story telling.

When we’re facing a large challenge, we often will avoid that challenge and instead nibble around the edges of what we’re trying to accomplish.

Here’s what I mean by that, and here’s how to do better.

Hope this helps!



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  1. This IS my major point of procrastinating. Your analogy goes way beyond just, “Are you going to fish or just cut bait” analogy. I’m so concerned about getting all my duckies in a row FIRST and wind up missing out on incredible opportunities. I tend to clip around the edges before I mow because it looks nicer, but in the meantime, it’s ugly and not done.

    Thanks David! This mind reading act you have is amazing!