These End Of Year Numbers Are Crazy. And 2019 Isn’t Over Yet.

Hey there, hero!

So, there I was, just minding my own business, headed out to do some errands, and my phone buzzed.

It was YouTube.

They just wanted to blow my mind with some crazy numbers.

Thanks to you.

Hope this helps!



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  1. In this year where we are constantly bombarded with negativity, I’ve LOVED starting my day with your delightful positivity. Seriously, it has helped me get through the rest of the day because I’ve started my day in an upbeat, positive manner. I really look forward to watching your videos every morning. THANK YOU!

  2. Your daily videos have had a strong impact on people for the following reasons. You come across as sincere, knowledgeable, fun loving, enthusiastic, and positive. You’re not afraid to share how you really feel, even when there is a danger of ruffling some feathers. All of that shows you have a great deal of character and integrity, something that is in short supply in a world filled with so many people spreading misinformation, drama, and negativity. Keep up the good work David!

  3. David,

    I love these videos. You know so much about so many things. Things I have never heard of or even thought of. I enjoy listening. If I can’t listen today, I will listen when I can and I love watching more than one a day. I am actually disappointed that you are only doing one day a week on Wednesday. However, I am so humbled by your commitment of doing one a day for 365 days (not to mention the days you were recovering from your surgery. I thank you for every day and truly look forward to your Wednesday videos. Happy Holidays!! Mary

  4. I have paid and you have paid thousands of dollars for seminars learning about our respective businesses. Listening to these podcast is a great value, m, and the price is right! If you walk out of a professional seminar with only one or two things to add to your toolbox and you take advantage of them oh, you are a winner. As long as you remember that Education Without application is merely entertainment. Listening to your podcast even though I may run behind in them or not keep up but we’ll go back and catch up, is a great learning tool not just in commercial production that I get to do already but in radio sales that I’m also involved in. I looked forward to taking your courses in the next year and moving my career forward in that area. If I find only one nugget uh-oh usable information that is worth often hundreds to thousands of dollars over the course of a career. I guess a person could look at what is the value of my time so how much time is it worth to get that nugget of information. For me, I am willing to listen to several weeks worth if I can get just one usable action item. The challenge is for me, I get way more actionable items from your podcast then I could possibly count. There are times where you say things that I may not agree with upfront oh, but someone that I trust mentioned that when learning, don’t need to say the speaker because you might find that something is applicable that you did not think was before. See there, another nugget I learned from you, and several of those points where I might have disagreed at the beginning of a podcast Arno in my toolbox for work. Thank you for these podcast oh, I wish they would continue once a day. I’m sure it’s quite a challenge on your time oh, and if I have to settle for once a week on Wednesday I am happy. Thank you again