13119: AudioTechnica Lowered A Price, And Now I’m Stuck

Hey there, hero!

Are you an artist that has decided that money should never enter into your decision making process?

The word “ridiculous” comes to mind here.

The mic I use and recommend is, currently, unbelievably discounted. With no changes in quality, materials or performance.

So now, I’m stuck.

I can’t make an argument, currently, about looking critically at the price of a USB microphone as an initial litmus test…with my fave mic being priced so low.

I can’t really say, “Yeah, don’t pay THAT little for a mic – except for the one I think you should get!”

Can I?

(By the way, if you want it, check it out here: https://www.voheroes.com/get-at2020usbplus)

Have you ever had doubt, based on price about a product recommended to you, or with a product you love? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I own a cache of microphones from all price ranges and uses. Some are VERY high-quality, well-manufactured, proven mics that I bought to produce music. Many are used in the VO industry and have become standards.
    I’m still AMAZED at the quality of the pre-amp and tonality of the AT2020 USB+. I have it sitting on my desk and use it every day for various forms of VO work and even for video conferencing and delivering online courses. The new price points are confusing, for sure!
    During a recent online class, another instructor asked me why my audio sounded so great compared to his. I told him I was in a tuned space using the AT2020 USB+. He noted that he is also in a tuned space, but using [another brand USB mic at this same price point]. He looked up the AT2020 and said, that’s cheaper than I paid for this mic! How can it be so much better?
    One only has to pick up this mic in one hand and another known brand USB in the other to know there is a substantially more robust product here.
    My studio mic of choice before the AT2020 USB+ was the AT4040. I bought it years ago and it has been a tremendous tool. I believe I paid almost $400 for it at the time. Recorded side-by-side, the AT2020 USB+ often sounds as good, if not better.
    You’re not wrong, David, it’s an enigma!

  2. I was lucky to pick one up at this price before Christmas to use as a second mic in a different area from my closet studio. So much more convenient for me!