13120: I Wanted To Know The “Time Machine” Of Windows Is, So Of Course, I Had To Ask Leo

Hey there, hero!

As a Macintosh user, I know exactly what software to use to back up my data and keep myself safe: Time Machine. It’s built in to MacOS, and is awesome. Reliable, automatic, elegant.

But when a client or student asks me for the equivalent of that awesomeness for Windows, I have to ask my friend, my go-to Windows expert: Leo Notenboom, at askleo.com.

I get my chance on Zoom recently, and I had the wisdom to record it for you. If you use Windows and you want to professionally protect your livelihood, Leo’s your guy. Watch this video and use the software he says to use.

It will simply and elegantly keep your stuff safe.

He’s even got a very low-cost course you can take (less than 60 bucks for anyone, and 30% off that if you use the coupon code HERO at the link below, making it just $42. Well worth it.)


Ever been sadly nailed by an unexpected hard drive failure? With no backup? What happened? Let me know in the comments below.

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