13118: Art? Or Money?

Hey there, hero!

Are you an artist that has decided that money should never enter into your decision making process?

Are you worried that you’ll become a “shill” for “the man?”

Have you convinced yourself that you must suffer as an artist, or you’ll be lesser for it?

Any other questions about art versus money? Let’s discuss this sticky subject in the comments below.

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  1. I’m primarily doing student films for reel footage, but as a stay-at-home dad, I always consider paying projects based on a couple factors. Are they close to home? Is the pay high enough to take me away from my family for a day or two? I no longer do background simply because I can’t justify losing a day at home for $100. I’m in a unique situation, but that’s my two cents.

  2. Thanks for posing this question, David. We put money into training, workshops, classes, skills improvement, headshots, online profile subscriptions, etc. All of this toward the end of being better at what we do, marketing ourselves better, increasing our visibility, presenting the level of professionalism that we possess. We have value.

  3. When I was much younger I said I wouldn’t do commercials because it was like ‘prostituting my art.’ Well, you can imagine, I’m laughing at that attitude now. I welcome paying propositions! I worked at a ‘regular’ job to pay my way and acted (on stage) for the sheer joy of creating characters. I love the psychological factors, delving into the characters and bringing them alive. Mostly I wasn’t being paid but that didn’t matter – I had another paying job. I’ve play acted since I was a little kid – it’s my nature. I enjoy the competitive side of auditioning but not hugely, i.e., it pleases me when I win the role. I’m not destroyed if I don’t get the role because, in film work particularly, it’s a very subjective decision made by a group of people. So how I feel probably won’t be of use to others, just, I act for the sheer joy of acting!