13175: You Never Forget Your First Time

Hey there, hero!

The number one answer to the question I ask when I’m trying to gauge a student’s concerns about learning, “What are you most worried about?” is so interesting.

And we don’t really think about that one moment, that one concern, that everyone in the world has also experienced. It’s a universal.

And if you give this momentous occasion a thought or two, it can really change your perspective on being a beginner.

Or a “never tried it.”.

Or, at some point, an experienced professional.

Do remember the moment you switched from “I’ve never done this” to “I know how to do this!”? What did that feel like? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. It is a fascinating realization. All of us have been new at something all of our lives.
    The push to be “perfect” the first time you do something is real for all of us. I remember when my son was little, he wanted to do everything “right” immediately. So I explained to him (a few times) that no one is skilled at something they’ve never tried.
    And I have to laugh at myself now because, I’m the one who wanted to be “perfect” when I started this VO journey – out of the gate!
    Ah, David , you are so good at holding up the mirror and helping me to be realistic while encouraging and supporting me all through the processes. Thank you!

    1. Oh, yes. I am so skilled at letting perfect be the enemy of good. Now I try to remember that it’s the siren song of perfection, luring me to the doom of inaction. There IS NO PERFECT.

  2. Love this. And it occurs to me that “I’ve never done this before” happens over and over in my life. Each time I start rehearsal on a play. Last Friday when we performed before an audience the first time – “I’ve never done this before!” Move forward and like you said, more and more I can say, yeah, I can do this. I’m actually pretty good. And the more I take those steps – even though each time there’s the trepidation, the hesitation, the moment of mindfulness of “this is a new thing!” -the more I can say, yeah, I’m pretty good at this. Thank you! Great thought provoker.