Why I Use One Single Channel For Crucial Communication

Photo by Marko Pekić on Unsplash

Hey there!

So, I got a message the other day from someone, looking for voice over support, on Pinterest.

Yep. Pinterest.

I guess that’s just what they happened to have open on their phone at the time they decided to contact me. And I gotta be honest…I didn’t even know Pinterest *had* a messaging system.

I would drive myself crazy following all the channels that I have created on social media for messages. For me, I’ve decided there’s only one channel I want to conduct important business on.

Can you guess what it is?

Hope this helps!



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  1. I don’t know how people with a bazillion channels can keep up or keep track! The fewer the better makes perfect sense. I have 3 email accounts, one for the daytime job only, one for my general life activities and one for special purposes such as contact with the VO community.

  2. Email for sure!!! David, you were the one who told me about Gmail and how helpful it is. I really like it. I’m with you about staying focused too. All these channels can be so confusing, distracting… I don’t see how others do it that use all the channels you mentioned. I can barely keep up with the FB groups I am part of, let alone all the others. Thanks for reassuring that I am not the only one that feels this way.

  3. David, email is my main channel as well. I have had people send me messages on Facebook that I do not see for a long time sometimes. I think they are amazed that I am not checking Facebook every hour….

  4. Me too – gmail for sure, and if I don’t get an email notification about a message waiting for me on Facebook, Twitter, etc. then there is usually a 0% chance I will see it.

  5. Great subject and timely too. It’s one thing to be able to easily schedule innumerable posts on multiple social media platforms in advance. But we must give thought to how we’re going to keep up with responding, especially if it’s part of your self promotion, or reaching out and connecting with fan base, or networking with business contacts that have reacted to the posts.
    For sure email, specifically Gmail, is my foundation, my go-to.. However, text messaging gets my attention, and most everyone’s attention, faster and directly. With all the confusion of so many in boxes in so many places, if people really need to get ahold of me, i have them email me and then text me that they emailed. Gets my attention faster and keeps a written document of the actual discussion.
    But David, I was wondering just yesterday if you know of any app that aggregates ALL of one’s social media conversations, notifications, replies to ones comments etc. A place to respond to everything, without all the peripheral distractions, and the hunting through every app for what you need to interact with or respond to. Honestly David you were the first person that came to mind that might know. You are a Tech guru,/expert, innovator and MacGyver! And today’s video was so on topic! Any ideas?

  6. It feels like anytime someone tries to do that, they come up with something less than satisfying. I try to have my social channels email me when I get a message, but they all fail at that as well.

  7. Here’s the differentiator about email: it’s a one-way integration opportunity. That is, every other channel gives you an option to get notifications emailed. They do NOT give you the option to get notifications through channels other than email (although an increasing number of apps are offering Slack integration). So it makes sense to have email be the communications funnel.