What’s Your Next Big Move? Are You Ready?

Hey there!

Jobs. Relationships. Businesses. Geographical moves. Family.

I recently took an inventory of the big moves in my life, and I counted around a dozen life-changing events. Most of them were planned, but some were unexpected.

Being prepared for unexpected change is an art in itself, but being prepared for life to change big-time on your terms, is something you can plan for.

Whatever you’ve got up your sleeve, I truly hope you do it. Here are some things that can help.

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Hope this helps!


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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and I was thinking recently about all
the big events that have happened in my
life the life-changing events the big
moves that I’ve either made or have kind
of been made for me in jobs and
relationships in business just where I
live geographically my family I I took
inventory and I counted about a dozen
different times in my life so far where
there’s been a big huge upheaval a big
I feel like drama and computers in high
school was a big move I feel like
emancipation and being able to go to
college on my own terms was a big move
and then dropping out was also a big
move deciding to go into local radio and
to create a business that did DJ work
and advertising stuff and moving to New
York the New York Connecticut corridor
moving to DC getting married and having
kids couple daughters syndicated radio
that was a big huge decision to make and
the first really like out there not
relying on a big company kind of thing I
had a company called dr. Mac I would go
around town in Washington DC helping
people with their Macintosh’s that kind
of helped score big points with me in
terms of learning customer service
dot-com tech in particular was a big
thing a big move on my part going to AOL
and Google and Yahoo and excited home
and places like that then LA on camera
making that big decision moving from one
coast to the other deciding to do
voiceover coaching and then rehearsal
Pro and then who knows there may be some
more things coming down them I don’t I
don’t consider this challenge of a
one-a-day video a big
move is just sort of a challenge I’m
talking about the times in your life
everything changes your address changes
your income changes your schedule
changes your priorities change and I
wonder for you
what is it like when you are presented
with a big move you know you know things
don’t always go as planned you know very
strange things can happen in life death
marriage birth firings hirings you know
you you can’t predict these things but
there are things that you can choose to
do you can choose to make big moves and
I think that a lot of us get really
comfortable where we are with nothing
wrong with that but I wonder for you
what big moves do you have planned do
you have any big moves plan if you’ve
decided to become a performer that’s a
big move that’s a big move so I want to
talk to you about the two the two
different types of big moves one is when
you plan a big move and the other is
when there’s an unexpected move thrust
upon you right so if you’re planning a
big change in your life a big move
always understand your reasons why do
you want to do this are you dissatisfied
with what you’re doing now is the grass
looking greener on the other side of the
of the move change is going to be really
hard and nothing is going to go exactly
as planned you know when my producer
landed in Los Angeles and took a left
out of Burbank Airport instead of a
right it meant that I got to live in
Burbank as opposed to North Hollywood
and I kind of dig that so you want to
prepare as thoroughly as you can this
all came up when I was talking with
Tristan about the after business plan
you know planning preparing and making
sure you set realistic expectations I
had no expectations when I came out here
to do on-camera acting I had no idea
what was gonna happen I wanted to take
my time with it and I had no
when nothing really happened for three
or four years I expected it to be longer
than that make sure that you take one
step at a time but that you take those
steps start with your left foot put it
in front of your right foot then take
your right foot put it in front of your
left foot even if the steps are little
tiny things take one step at a time
moving toward that goal of executing the
big move and be ready for things to go
off the rails because they will like I
said nothing goes completely as planned
and there are some things that are going
to be terrible terrible disasters and if
you’re expecting that it’s much easier
to handle then if it just knocks you
square in the face and you didn’t see it
coming and you weren’t prepared for it
to actually come and you know be ready
for these things to happen and accept
them gracefully and recover from them
share your successes and your failures
with your team whatever that is if
you’ve got people that you work with
people that are in your family your
friends that support you in this big
move share what’s going on with them
don’t hide don’t keep it to yourself you
know it’s kind of selfish to share the
successes or to not share the successes
but it’s also really hurtful sometimes
to your own well-being to not share and
work through the failures and the
lessons learned from those failures and
then take time to both celebrate your
successes and examine your challenges
your failures your missed opportunities
see what went what went on there do a
post-mortem you know both the good and
the bad that way you can do more of what
works and less of what doesn’t right so
that’s kind of like when you’re planning
a big move when you’re saying okay I’m
moving to Los Angeles I’m gonna be an
actor or I really want to work for the
government I want to run for office I’m
gonna do that I’m gonna you know I
whatever it is that’s when you’re
planning something now what happens when
yeah it wasn’t planned it wasn’t it was
it was totally out of the blue it was
something that
you didn’t expect to happen one of the
things that you can do well ahead of
something like that is kind of examine
the things that are are sometimes
referred to as unexpected but aren’t
really like a death it’s expected it may
be unexpected when it happens and it may
occur at a bad moment I don’t know that
there’s a good moment for these things
to occur but what you can do is you can
mitigate situations and there are plenty
of mechanisms in place to do that things
like wills and insurance and emergency
funds and a retirement plan healthcare
things like that the less you pay
attention to those details the more
likely it is that there’s going to be an
unexpected event right but if you say to
yourself look death and taxes gonna
happen and what else in my life is gonna
happen maybe I don’t know when I don’t
know how but it’s likely it’s going to
happen so if you know these things you
can prepare for them you can mitigate
the the impact that they have and make
sure you’re clear on what actually
happened the problem that you’re now
facing and the solution talked with
people on both not just the solution
because sometimes we miss the actual
depth of the problem or the actual
opportunities that a potential unnerving
and you know unexpected event can offer
so embrace those opportunities as well
but really look at what’s what’s
happening don’t be afraid to show how
you feel
talk with others about it share with
others about it and weigh your options
don’t just jump at one particular
solution right away really take the time
to see what you have in terms of
potential solutions to the issue at an
and as I said earlier you never know
what kind of opportunities you know that
old one door closes another door opens
you never know what kind of
opportunities unexpected changes big
moves in your life can provide
so take some time to think about that
and in the comments below let me know
you got a big move planned you have to
give me the details if you want to keep
it secret you know but do you have a big
move plan is there something that you’ve
always wanted to do something that you
really feel strongly about that you have
on a bucket list or that you you just
feel a calling toward doing or do you
see something coming down the pike that
maybe you’re not as well prepared for as
you like let me know in the comments
below I’d love to hear from you I
appreciate you watching these videos
every day as I make them if you like
this challenge is going fairly well but
who knows there may be some big moves
coming down the pike if you’d like to
subscribe to my youtube channel go ahead
and click on my head there or find a
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the page if you want to see the latest
video I’ve done go ahead and click on
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I’m David H Lawrence xvii I thank you so
much for watching and I will talk to you



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  1. My “big move” will be from 40+ years of full-time IT work with a lot of technical writing (I too have been a Mac guy, in my case, since the late 80’s), to a semi-retirement doing VO. (I say “semi-retirement” only because it’s not like work to me! I’d still be putting full time into it.)

    I was bitten by the performing bug very young (like five or six years old), and even did a five-year stint in NYC-market FM radio, but left it to “make a living.” Thanks to that, I am getting ready for, and can afford, an early retirement of sorts. But voiceover is what I have always wanted, and still do. I’ve done bits and pieces of it for most of the last 30 years from time to time, but have not attempted to make it a full-time occupation until now. Things have become quite unstable in the company I am with currently, and I may end up with a layoff sooner than I am ready for. But if so, I intend to take that opportunity to throw myself full-force into VO.

  2. Hello David –

    Like you, I have taken many different paths that finally led me to audiobook creation. I have always wanted to expand the reach of children’s picture books, especially personalized ones. My next move is into children’s videobooks. I will have narrators I know read the stories, while the video of the book images streams along. I hope these talking children’s books/picture audiobooks will be my legacy.



  3. I’m not sure one can be on this plane in the world for 60+ years without having, not A “big Move”, but a series of them. And those moves and the choices we make are what we call “Life”. Doors open, and they also close. Most of my really big moves, I felt a need or a “calling”. One that I didn’t have a calling for, was when my husband was transferred from his job in Thousand Oaks, CA to Longmont, CO. I had spent 39 years in Ventura County, CA. My family was there. Lifelong friends. But something had been niggling to me to go the graduate school. There wasn’t a university within reasonable driving distance. Cal State Northridge was 45 minutes to an hour in one direction without traffic, and UCSB was an hour plus in the other. And, I had 3 small children to think of. I’d had a couple of home-based businesses, but when it’s not your top priority, a business of any kind will not thrive as it should. My kids were and have always been my top priority and I make no apologies to anyone for that. They are awesome adults and dear friends now. Then there are the grandkids. 🙂

    But that move to Colorado really changed things for us all. When the kids were all settled in school, I was able to hear that small voice again. And there were 5, count ’em, FIVE major universities within driving distance. And as an aggie, one of those was the top agricultural school in the state and one of the top 5 in the country. So, I worked as a substitute teacher (kept an eye on the kids, knew their friends and their teachers), and took classes at Colorado State University in Ag Education and Extension. That opened doors for me, but not the ones I had imagined. Funny how life works out. I am the chair for the Education and Development Committee for my family’s farming business, and will be serving on the board. My husband and I are 4-H leaders. I use the skills I learned doing research almost daily. To take a job as an extension agent with the university, I would have had to move. That was not an option. So, I have bloomed where I’m planted. I have been asked to create a project in 4-H for doing voiceover and audiobooks. Weird. You just never know.

  4. Getting my first on camera audition was unexpected. Getting the part was even more unexpected. This feels like a rather big move in my life.

    Asking my wife out for our first date was a big move. We’re going to start our family this year. This is a big move, and I’m looking forward to it.

    I stopped working full time at age 28 and went to college full time to study Graphic Design and Theater. That was a big move.

    Thanks for the video David.

  5. Oh I have plans… I have a few “big moves” planned, but I’m ready for the unexpected. Nothing seems in stone and I seem to have a lot things in different stages of planning. To me, that’s a good thing. I’m not banking on that ONE thing, I have a fluid approach to things as they move along. I agree with taking a step, no matter how big or seemingly small -just a daily move in a direction, is important.