Do You Have A Plan? And Is It The Right One?

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My good friend, Tristen MacDonald, is not only an amazing actor, but she’s a great source of information about what it takes to be successful as a performer – you’ve seen her in countless TV shows and commercials – she’s executing on her plan.

She’s also closing registration tonight (4/17) on an awesome course she’s put together called Actor Business Plan, and we got on Facebook Live the other day to talk about what challenges performers have in achieving any kind of success in a very competitive marketplace.

We came to the conclusion that it’s not about your talent – that’s table stakes, being talented – but rather, it’s your business plan.

Do you have one? And is it the right one? Here’s how to know for sure.

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hey there David H Lawrence the 17th I
just have a little cinnamon coffee
getting the getting the day started
making my plan for the day yeah
plan plan for the day you said how you
start your day do you make a plan do you
have a plan any plan is it the right
plan I am I had an opportunity to jump
online the other day with my friend
Tristan McDonald who is just a lovely
person she’s beautiful she’s smart she’s
talented she’s very funny
and she’s very creative and very helpful
like you know when you talk to her that
she is interested in not just her own
success as an actor and as a business
person but in your success as well and
it happens that today meaning the first
day that we released this particular
video in these one-a-day videos she is
closing registration on a course that
she created called the actor business
plan and that’s we were talking about
the other day on Facebook live and it
became really really crystal clear that
the reason that Hollywood and Broadway
and Atlanta and pick your poison in
terms of production centers are
literally strewn littered with the
carcasses of actors who wanted to make
it big but didn’t quite know how to
figure it out the real reason was they
didn’t treat it like a business and when
you treat something like a business you
are naturally drawn to creating a plan
for that business in fact they call it a
business plan back in the old days you
know you’d write a business plan you
know how would you create your product
where would you market it who would your
customer be how would you make money how
would you price it well with the profit
margins B that’s still the case today
although much of those things are
decided for you as a
you know the marketplace you you see it
you consume it yourself you know what
you’re going to be paid you kind of know
the product it varies it’s kind of
custom crafting the product every time
but just having a plan we came to the
conclusion that just having a plan is
the biggest mistake that people make not
having one and the second biggest
mistake that people make is when you
have a plan is it the right one have you
found the truths the reliable bedrock
rules that you can rely on in the
business or did you hear that maybe the
rule that you’re following yeah that
seems to make sense that it would work
you know you’re hearing the fairy tales
as opposed to the actual hard and fast
guide book rules you know we as actors
have been told our whole lives that
we’re special you know we’ve been given
all kinds of special privileges we’ve
been allowed to cut class to go to drama
practice you know for the spring play I
remember when I was in high school wait
I can I can get out of social studies
because okay that works but this idea of
having if you’re gonna be a professional
about things and it doesn’t matter if
you’re a performer or not if you’re an
entrepreneur at all and even if you work
for a big behemoth company you’re still
an entrepreneur within their framework
you still have to look out for yourself
your plan your business path etc and so
when I looked at her stuff I said I
gotta talk to you about this I got to
have you on a session you can still see
it over on my actor page if you want to
but you can also go right to the course
and do so if you’re watching this the
first day the videos come out and you
wanna you want to really up your game in
terms of managing your actor business
you know the show business the business
of show business pop over to vo to go go
calm slash happy I created a very easy
to remember a link for you /
happy it’ll take you right to a much
more convoluted URL that shows you her
creation which is the actor business
plan she took all the things that she
saw working for herself and for her
peers including me and she thought to
herself maybe this would be helpful to
other people
and I’m really thrilled that she has but
more importantly for you whether you go
and check out actor business plan or not
and I certainly hope you do I want you
to ask yourself this question am i
getting up every day in whatever pursuit
I have of my entrepreneurial dream
whether it’s as a performer as a
voice-over talent as an actor or as a
receptionist at a law firm or an
attorney at a law firm or a welder at a
metal shop I mean when I looked at the
number of people that watch these videos
and I saw what various profiles they had
you know I was I was blown away with how
broad the the base of viewing is
whatever you’re doing in life whatever
you’re pursuing and whatever draws you
to these videos that make you like them
think they’re helpful think they’re
useful know that whatever that pursuit
is is only going to get better when you
have a plan and it’s the right plan and
it’s not just the overall plan it’s the
plan every day what are you gonna do
that day that’s important that moves you
forward that moves the needle um and it
goes back to you know being successful
what’s the what’s the definition of
success doing more of what works and
less of what doesn’t and a plan helps
you figure out what works and what
doesn’t / happy we’ll
take you to Tristan McDonald’s happy
actor site and her course called actor
business plan it’s worth every single
penny it’s amazing I I can’t wait she
gave me access to the course I’m gonna
be taking it myself and I know I’m going
to learn a lot and I know you will too
what about your plan do you have a plan
is it something that you think is
working or use your plan not working let
me know in the comments below if you’re
watching this anywhere but at vo2 gogo
calm please pop over to vo2 gogo calm
and if you want to go on to her actor
business plan / happy but
take a moment and leave a comment below
this video there’s lots of great things
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like to subscribe to my youtube channel
go ahead and click on my head there if
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click on that frame and YouTube will
play it for you I’m David H Lawrence the
17th I thank you so much for watching
and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.



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