0060: What Does The Word Agency Mean To You? And How Do You Maximize Your Agency?



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

If you’re paying any attention to social media, you see the word “agency” being batted about, and it might be confusing as you see it:

“She exerted her own personal agency when she became part of the Great Resignation and told her employer she was quitting.”


In our world, the word “agency” means two very different things: a working environment for our representation, and our own personal power.

And yet, they produce the very same result: moving forward as human beings. Here’s the link to the article I refer to in this episode:


I particularly like #4 (position yourself as a learner) and #7 (deliberate, then act).

Once you’ve read the article, let me know which ones resonate with you.

And here’s the link if you want to add audiobook narration to your performance skill set – we’re just getting ready to teach the 2022 edition of The ACX Master Class:


What do you want to do to increase your own agency? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Well, it seems that I have been doing all the above all my life. I was taught from a young age to think for my self and follow thew and complete what ever I was doing, no matter how long or how hard it was to complete. The Navy was easy for me because this is also how they worked. Still use the above in my everyday life. I am an Agency. Works for me.

  2. Similar to what you just discussed, I try to be careful to avoid taking away player agency when running my Dungeons and Dragons sessions. The characters they play are important to them and I shouldn’t be forcing decisions onto them.