0059: Can’t You Just Leave Well Enough Alone?



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

We’re in the midst of a series of free lessons right now, teaching people how to zero in on the best information around to help them add audiobooks to their performance skills, with the ACX Master Class. (You can watch them all at https://acxmasterclass.com/join – they are all free!)

We let people know they can ask questions about audiobooks, ACX, narration, and…the tech.

An awful lot of people have asked about getting the “right” sound, tweaking their gear and their settings…and I often ask, “How does it sound now?”

You be surprised how many people say something along the lines of “Fine…but it can always be better!”

Can it? Is there a point where it’s good enough, even great…but you just can’t help tinkering? Are you an inveterate adjuster?

What do you do to get to “good enough” – or not? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Thanks, David, this is a great episode. I also enjoy the opportunities to explore new tech, try new software, find “new audio toys.” In my musician role, I have gear acquisition syndrome (GAS).
    Since joining VOHeroes, I’ve found that I’m much more comfortable than I had been sticking with what works when I produce audio.
    I’ve used an AT 4040 mic since roughly 2005. It has been a great workhorse and has seen me through many projects. When I acquired the AT2020 USB+ I was amazed that it sounded as good as it does as a USB mic. I only use it when I travel, because the 4040 is still my go-to mic in my studio. It’s set up to do what it should. But I still enjoy trying and having new gear!
    As to tweaking things to make it better, I’ve truly appreciated some of the tips you’ve shared to help us edit more quickly and efficiently. I have saved a tremendous amount of time when editing audiobooks and other projects. So, if it improves efficiency and effectiveness, I’m all in. I’d much rather be done and satisfied ready to move on to the next project than to waste time on something that should already be done!

  2. Thanks, David. Brings to mind the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
    As you know, I always consider things thru the teachings of yoga and ayurveda, in which this very concept is defined. Being “rajistic” is what you’ve addressed in your episode here.
    In extremely broad strokes:
    Sattva is balanced.
    Tamas presents as slow to change or even lethargy. (turtle that gets to the finish line, but couldn’t leap of the way of a speeding vehicle if its life depended on it, because it requires a quick change)
    Rajas is defined by changing, when change is not called for. (The distracted, hopping hare covers 3x the turf, but those tangents aren’t focused on the shortest distance between A and B–the finish line.)

  3. I think I have the FOMO paradigm going on with thinking I need more. I ask a client, or a VO Heroes coach/teacher or someone on the other end about the sound ,and most say IT SOUNDS great on the other side. But, the doubt sometimes remains, COULD IT SOUND BETTER.