Watch Out – The Rules Are Going To Change

Hey there!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for all your dreams to come true?

One thing is certain: the rules are going to change, and you need to be comfortable with making that work for you rather than against you.

Take a few minutes with me and let me help you get comfortable with that process.

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Hope this helps!


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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and today I want to talk to you about
something that was kind of generated by
an article that I read on medium about
startup founders who after what the
business calls a liquidity event either
they go public or their company gets
sold to a larger company or something
happens where they kind of cash out make
a lot of money what happens to them
after that how did they feel after that
what what you know and it’s like a real
champagne problem to have right you make
billions of dollars or millions of
dollars or even hundreds of thousands of
dollars and like how do you feel how’s
everything going you okay
and it turns out that something pretty
common happens to them once they’re no
longer on a day-to-day basis in the
midst of the struggle of you know the
challenges the the the things that
happen to you when you’re trying to
build a business you know when you get
to the point where you get what you want
something happens and it’s kind of
illustration of be careful what you wish
for because you just might get it
right the thing that happens is they
lose their identity so before they were
the struggling entrepreneur with a
start-up and they had a story to tell
and they had a daily routine and they
were trying to be efficient and
productive and then everything works out
for them and then they take their money
and they kind of go home and what do you
do then you know it’s one of the reasons
that there are serial entrepreneurs
because that’s what you know and love
that’s the rules that you live your life
by and when those rules change you’re
kind of at sea now for us as artists
that happens on a regular basis
especially as we advance and keep moving
forward on our journey you know when you
think about it first thing you wanted to
do was get into the business you’d be at
some point in your life you decided I
want to be a performer and so whatever
rules you were following as a checkout
person at the grocery store or a barista
or a tutor or
student changed as you decided okay I’m
gonna pursue this now what are the new
rules and those are fun because you know
now oh I’m gonna get that I’m gonna get
into that position that I really want to
be in okay so you train and then you
graduate or you start to decide you’re
going to move to a production center and
we talked about that in the warchest
all of a sudden the rules change you’re
no longer trying to get A’s in class and
do your homework and study Shakespeare
now you’re trying to figure out how the
business works and how to get auditions
and how to find an agent and where to go
to get headshots and things like that so
you have a new set of rules then you get
some auditions and now you have an even
bigger set of rules how do you do
auditioning well you know when that
audition comes in from your voiceover
agent how do you get to it quickly
because the door the the window is much
narrower in the world of voice-over than
it is in the stage or film and certainly
in television um and then maybe the
journey continues even further and you
start booking now your rules are
changing entirely now you have the rules
of working on set or working on stage
and again your rule set is going to
change now think about the people that
go even further with that where they
start to get bigger and bigger roles
maybe even they become super
spectacularly successful and they become
an a-lister they have a completely
different set of rules then you and I
have than we did when we were learning
and so on and if you’re not ready to
accept the idea that the rules will
change as you continue your journey your
rule set will change you’re gonna have a
problem because you’re going Wow how
come this doesn’t work the way it used
to work how come what I used to think
was important and what I used to think
wasn’t important maybe aren’t the same
things anymore and so when you’re
struggling one of the things you might
want to look at is how are you living
your career your life your personal life
your professional life how are you
living that in terms of the rules that
you follow or the rules that you’ve set
for yourself and this ties back into our
belief system you know we talked about
limiting beliefs and replacing those
with enabling beliefs and we do that by
looking at the rules that we’ve been
living by with those limiting beliefs
and changing to a new set of rules so
the rules are constantly changing for
you for me for everybody in this
business and you need to
just understand that because once you
kind of identify that that’s gonna
happen it’s easier to understand that
you need to adjust to those new rules
and once you do that you’re gonna find
that the struggle isn’t as hard and the
challenges are too steep and the hill
that you climb isn’t that tough
especially if you understand what the
new rules are right so I hope that helps
you now I’d love to hear what your
challenges have been as you’ve
progressed through your journey with the
rules that you’ve been living by and
maybe how they’ve changed maybe they
caught you off guard maybe there was an
issue where you saw the rules changing
and you were able to handle it I’d love
to know what those stories are them for
you to share those just down below this
video just give me a comment tell me
what’s been going on in your life when
it comes to the rules that you live by
the identity that you have the belief
structure that you have if you have any
tips or tricks or helpful things that
you can share with the rest of us that
would be great if you’d like to
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of order I’m David H Lawrence 217th I
thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you tomorrow



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  1. Thank you for the tips! I really love this daily help from you! I would like to know more about Voice Over sites like voice123 and others. Is it ok to pay to for those services in order to audition? Thank you!

  2. Gotta admit, the changes have sometimes been surprising: I thought I’d do a variety of kinds of VO projects for 2018 and instead my audiobook work just took off…so I had to adjust to that change, and be a good narrator, and think about revising my plan. I don’t regret it, but it did teach me the lesson that 2019 should be the year I keep the audiobooks more gradually increasing while pouring some energy into other places and seeing what grows.

    I look forward to it!

  3. Ive definitely had to adjust my rule set after booking my first audiobook job….although I’m becoming faster at getting the work done, I know that it must come FIRST..before all of my other work, errands, etc…bc in the end I LOVE the result and feel great that I can delightfully surprise my RH when I get the work done early!