“Show Me The Secret, Daddy!”

Hey, there!

Thinking about our constant and sometimes frustrating quest for more and more success, I came across a quote from Georgia O’Keefe that might lead you to a more fruitful and satisfying quest instead: the quest for knowledge.

I share the quote with you, and a little bit about my daughter’s quest to figure out the secret behind a simple magic trick.

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hey it’s David H Lawrence the 17th and
today I wanted to talk to you about
something that I saw recently just you
know weird convolution of I saw a clip
on a page with a little picture in it
and a link and I was looking at it and I
was like what is that and it turned out
to be a quote from Georgia O’Keeffe that
shouldn’t have been hidden in a little
tiny picture on a link on a page on a
thing she said whether you succeed or
not is irrelevant
making your unknown known is the
important thing and when I read that
that really really hit home for me
because you know my company wasn’t
always called the goofy name that it’s
called now vo to gogo or you know I’d
never had I didn’t have rehearsal Pro
before and I didn’t have other things in
fact vo to gogo comm was originally
called secrets of voiceover and at some
point I think I was listening to an old
adam curry podcast where he would always
open up with there are no secrets
there’s just things you don’t know yet
and I’d heard that before but then when
I started thinking about it’s like yeah
why am i marketing my company like I’m
revealing secrets you know and there’s
constant there’s all kinds of of places
that do that secrets of this is one of
my favorite books is secrets of screen
acting but even when Patrick talks about
the secrets of screen acting he’s
talking about the unknown being known
that there really aren’t any secrets
when you know it secrets are only things
you don’t know yet right I think I
talked about this before
my daughter begged me for years in fact
I don’t know if I have a quarter and I
usually carry a quarter around to remove
the little insert in yeah I do I have a
quarter okay so quarter right so French
drop very simple very simple magic trick
you take the coin and then you rub it
really hard and it just it disappears
right so I my daughter when she was si
years old she was just fascinated with
that trick she begged me to show it to
her too
but over and over and she would look all
around and she would try and figure out
what happened to the coin and she would
feel behind her ears because you always
reach out and you know put the coin
behind either the person’s here like I’m
gonna reach into the the oh there it is
just so um she begged me to show her how
to do it and finally one day I relented
she was she was just persistent and I
showed her and she burst into tears when
she found out the secret that it’s
simply taking the coin and as you grab
it you let it drop into your hand and
then you grab I don’t know if I have you
could even see that but I’m no magician
I just learned this one trick and I’ve
been relying on it my whole life
anyway I showed it to her and she
started crying it’s not magic it’s just
it’s fake and I’m like yeah but think
about how you felt when you didn’t know
the secret you were mystified and in the
case of magic it’s entertaining but in
the case of your life or your business
or your career it can be really
frustrating not to know the secrets
right so that’s why I don’t like the
secret or the attraction principle or
the you know the universe is talking to
me bad because it just revolves around
this whole thing like you know if you
don’t know something it’s a secret but
making your unknown known is what I try
to do when I teach you voiceover when I
create an app for people like rehearsal
Pro that helps them understand the
unknowns of rehearsing and being
off-book so that the known of if you’re
off book you’ll book more work it’s a
it’s a known thing you know moving from
the unknown to the known also decouples
you from being successful or being a
failure all you want to do if you just
want to concentrate on this and be
really happy about things is just try to
go from the unknown to the known use
google talk to a friend find out the
answer ask me a question take a class
take one of my classes whatever you want
to do but move from the unknown to the
and you’ll find that if you do that as
opposed to trying to succeed and then
being upset when you fail you’ll find
that a lot more rewarding a lot more
heartening right so Georgia O’Keefe
great quote make your unknown known
that’s all that matters
I’m wondering if there’s anything in
your life that you for a long time
didn’t understand and then you took a
class you got some advice you’d got some
mentoring whatever it was you moved it
from the unknown to the known share that
with me in the comments below would you
or share some things that you just don’t
know you don’t know where to find the
answer to you you are constantly you
know try to look it up at Google and you
can’t figure it out put those in the
comments as well as anything else having
to do with what we just talked about now
if you want to subscribe to my channel
you can go ahead and click on my face
over there by the way if you’re on a
mobile device or if you’re using
YouTube’s mobile site there isn’t
anything over there but for the rest of
you also the latest video that I put out
is there I’m David H Lawrence the 17th I
thank you so much for watching and I’ll
talk to you tomorrow



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  1. I have trouble figuring out how to get auditions as a non union new actor. I’ve tried audition websites and submitting to things via Facebook etc but I’m unsure how to proceed sometimes.

  2. About a year ago, I was working on a track to share with my coach and some fellow performers. I worked really hard at improving my delivery. I did it all over and over again until I thought my performance was great. Then I went to bed.

    I got up the next day ready to share my creation, giving it another listen, just to check to make sure all was well. It wasn’t. I thought my delivery was flat and terrible. After just a few hours my performance had degraded to the point where I was not even willing to share it. It was totally depressing. And then I had a revelation. My performance had not changed at all. It had been the same awful performance all along. The only thing that had changed was my judgement. So instead of my performance degrading tremendously in just a few hours, my skill at evaluating my own performance had risen tremendously in just a few hours. All I needed to do was improve my performance. So, now, whenever something sounds awful, just a few hours after it sounded pretty good, I rejoice in my improved “earsight.”

  3. What a coincidence that the first comment is about non union auditions. Bc even before I read it I was going to say that I don’t know where to find UNION VO auditions!! Most pay to play vo sites post only non union jobs.