0006: Two Questions, Two Sets Of Tears

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Show notes

Hey there, hero!

I recently had the privilege of speaking to two very different audiences in one day, and in both cases, the same question came up.

And in both cases, they brought me to tears.

I figured out why with the help of some friends, and I think you’ll benefit from both the questions and my answer.


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  1. David, this is so great. As artists, I think we often think we are the only ones who deal with this stuff, but it’s everyone! Thank you for reminding us of our sameness at the core.

  2. Well, now look what you did. You brought tears to MY eyes! 😉
    I have to ask this: David, you are not of this world, are you? Our world has become so cynical that we are often suspicious of people who actually want to be kind and lift other people up. We wonder what could possibly make someone be so thoughtful, especially w/ people they don’t even know! And then you come along reminding us of our inner gifts, quietly but powerfully shutting down the voices of self doubt … I can never thank you enough for reminding me and others that we really are Enough. Thank you, David.

  3. When you said “You’re sitting in the boardroom at SAG-AFTRA in Los Angeles,” that was a great reminder. There are performers all over the world who are trying to get to this city. Who probably deserve a shot. And here we are. That’s something to keep in mind.

  4. Thank you for this. Just beautiful. And I think as humans in general, we need this reminder once in awhile. Thank you for your positive words.

  5. Thank you, David! Golden advice. I’ve been reading a lot about this exact subject. Sometimes you just need to hear it said directly to you. This illusion we call life is the best! It seems so real sometimes you think all the junk in your head is true. We came in perfect and enough. Sometimes I forgot that and spin in circles trying so hard to fix things. When I finally let go then it all seems to fall into place. Just like you said it is all there for you when you need it. Thanks again.

  6. This couldn’t be a better timed message from you, as I struggle with patience (unable to audition for anything) while I frame and build out my third recording space in four years. (Yeah, we’re staying here for a while …)

    Thanks so very much, David, I’m passing it on!

  7. Thank you, David. Beautifully said. It is always worth repeating, I think, because the business can be tough on the ego and frequent reminders of our worth, in the midst of rejections, will always be important. Thank you, again! <3

  8. Between the many things I learned from “Camera Ready U” and the very important thought patterns I was able to wire into my everyday thinking during “Believe”, I was truly moved by the sincerity you put into this video. I know you well enough–in part because you’ve proven it to me time and again–that you truly care about others and do more to help them than I had ever expected when I first signed up for that first class years ago. This message is so important and I hope those unfamiliar with you who are watching it truly take it to heart.

  9. “You are enough”, absolutely! This happens to be one of the basic assumptions within the Sanford Meisner Approach, to acting. Your life’s experiences give you all you need to be “in the moment”. It’s not acting, it’s reacting. Listen and hear, look and see, then respond.

  10. I was born for this medium from childhood, since I was a tiny voice chaser. We’ve met and I receive your encouragement assurance I’m doing the right things…and as a reminder to be present, and patient – and the people who need what I offer will come around and opportunities with flourish. I knew you care about talent during the last chat i for to have with you. Thank you for staying you, David the XvII.