Two Important Questions To Ask: If Not Me, Then Who? If Now Now, Then When?

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Hey there, hero!

When I find myself on the precipice of a decision, that moment before I have to take the leap, I will ask myself two questions that quickly clear things up.

I find out almost immediately if this is something I should do, right then and there.

You might find them helpful as well.


And today’s the final day of registration for and the Pro Membership voice over training program – at 9p tonight, the price goes back up by $500 and the bonuses are no longer offered. A perfect time to ask these two questions.

Link to register for the VOHeroes Pro Membership VO training:

Hope this helps!



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  1. I guess I’ve already answer this question—by signing up! The real challenge will be weaning off my soul-sucking but well-paying day job.
    Can’t wait for our kick-off!
    (Sorry for the dup. My affectionate little kitty stepped on my Enter key at just the wrong moment! Please delete the first one if possible. Tnx.)

  2. Hey David! Mt question is: Do you do a payment plan?… I never seem to have a spare 3000us when your Registration rolls around… I’ll have to save up for next time : (