Lessons From NFL Coaches: Find it, Face It, Fix It

Photo by Joshua Allwood on Unsplash

Hey there, hero!

Sometimes, the best lessons in life come from competition.

Whether it’s in business, academics or…sports.

I found something the play-by-play guys attributed to a coach worth repeating – a true distillation of my definition of success.

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Hope this helps!



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  1. Bingo!
    You’re in my head! Looking forward to discovering what might hold be back in the world of VO. BTW: heard a coach once say, “practice makes…PERMANENT!” Yup, keep doing something wrong over and over and…there you are.
    Weekend blessings!

  2. I’m looking forward to having you as a coach to Find It and point out How to Fix It. I promise to do my best to Face It!! Thanks for this.