Tom F. Leary’s Red Sock Diary

Hey, there!

My client and student, Tom F. Leary, sent me a note (and a great photo) about his new pop filter.

He modeled it after my own.

I’m so touched.

Here’s what he said…

“Though I had to go to 4 stores, I secured 2 pairs of RED SOCKS! Can’t wait to test it out! I’m energized…”

And he set it up beautifully:


I push the medium-strength athletic sock in the VO2GoGo training classes for a couple of reasons: they’re inexpensive compared to the foam and stretch-stocking-ring pop filters, and…they work. The same weave that wicks sweat away from your feet is also acoustically clear.

And now, he’s got 3 spares to use when the first one wears out.

I sure hope he wasn’t serious about going to 4 different stores.

If you want yours, here’s where you can get it (in assorted random colors; only my Pros can get it in red) with no driving, no lines, and a money back guarantee (it makes a great holiday gift for yourself or that certain VO someone):

Hope this helps.



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  1. David, I went with brown one. A little More subdude. Not so much panache but it does work quite well and fits in with any decore. Although tougher to find in the dyer.
    Thanks always for your help.
    Karl Jaecke VO2gogo Pro.

  2. All I did was take out a pair of pink ones in my sock drawer that were a bit stretched out in the ankle anyways. 😉

  3. Only a sock? Interesting. I just made my own pop filter out of an embroidery hoop, some cut-up nylon stockings and a copper wire.