Storytelling: No Longer An Optional Skill – Part 1

Hey, there!

I spend a lot of time preaching how what we do as voice over talent all boils down to one thing: excellent, authentic storytelling.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that storytelling is now as essential a skill to us as coding, good manners, tying a proper square knot, getting paid at least what you’re worth, and other life-dependent core strengths.

Here’s why.

More and more ads, promos, sales pitches and other audio and video content, each with incredible storytelling, have been going viral recently, from large department stores and their eagerly awaited long-form holiday stories, to some out-of-the-way examples from brands you wouldn’t expect to be spending this much time telling stories.

Here’s a prime example, from of all places…a survey management site, Typeform.

I used Tyepform all the time when I want to build a survey. I find it incredibly intuitive, far easier to use than is SurveyMonkey or any other site. The surveys are clean, efficient, mobile-friendly, and the data is easily usable by my analysis tools.

But who would have thought that something as mundane to some as a survey management site would have me sitting at my desk here in Burbank, rapt as I watched not an ad, or a promo, but a…story.

Maybe you’ll have the same reaction:


Using an online web app?

Makes total sense to me, now that I’ve seen and heard the…story. And makes me want to use Typeform even more.

I’ve got another amazing example of storytelling coming in a few days. It had me crying like a little baby.

What stories have you seen recently that have moved you to act? Drop a comment and a link in the comments below.

Hope this helps.



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