13153: “This Thing Sucks!”

Hey there, hero!

I know there are times when I’ve told you that it’s an advantage to be brief. To be essential. Focused and tight in your communication.

One big exception: asking for help or support.

Don’t worry about giving too many details. When you need help, and you’re frustrated, tale a moment to give as much information to the person helping you as you can – you will do so much better, and be up and running so much faster.

Are you someone who just blasts “this thing sucks!”? Or can you take a breath, and give the details that will help them help you? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Thank you, I find that from working in a prior time from corporate America, I am programmed to usually sign in and out so that if any updated had occurred, if I sign out and then back in again, I will get the most up to date application. A while back before I was even a pro, you helped me with Audacity by telling us to sign all the way off and shut down. Usually I no longer have to do that. However, if I am stuck in the lessons courses etc, I usually just sign out and back into VOHeros.com before I even ask a Pro-Connect Question. Thanks a bunch for everything!