Things Are Going To Go Terribly Wrong. Guaranteed.

Hey there, hero!

You’d think a company as revered and experienced as Disney is could get through a launch of a product without much difficulty.

I mean, hey…they launch tentpole movies the way Mike Trout launches homers to deep right.

But for them, and for you, things will go wrong. Like they did last Tuesday.

Here’s how to make that kick-in-the-gut easier to recover from.

Hope this helps!



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  1. How true. Whenever I plan a home improvement or fix it project, I always allow most of the day—even when the project itself should only take an hour.

    Even when the project itself goes smoothly and easily, I will inevitably find something attached to it, related to it, or just near it has broken or is about to break. It almost never fails.

    If I get through a project only having to go back to the home improvement store once (it has been as many as five times,) I consider that a win.

    Oh, and just like having a plan when things go sideways, have a plan for success. It amazes me how many folks are so surprised by their successes they don’t know what to do next.

  2. Makes me think of my upcoming podcast. I hope it goes off without a hitch but I’m mentally prepared in case I hit any snags. If I do, I’ll do my best to pivot, readjust, and forge ahead.

  3. Talk about your timing: after I watched this, I went to work on editing a chapter for my first audiobook, and Audacity tells me that there was a bug or some such thing, and that chapter got replaced by another one! I had to re-record that chapter last night. I only lost a little time, but still…