The Problem In Every Commercial Script

Hey, there!

I teach, in my two-part Voicing Commercial VO class, how to work with three simple elements that will change how you audition for and perform commercials forever.

The first one’s a problem.

Determine that problem and solve it, and the clouds will part, the sun will shine brightly, and your auditions become extraordinary.

Here’s how.

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Hey there, it’s David H Lawrence the 17th, and I want to get a little practical today and for the next couple of videos.
I’ve got my commercial classes coming up to be released in the month of February and it struck me as I was watching all of
these ads being created for the Super Bowl and
The Emmys coming up in the Cleo’s coming up in the Grammys and all these things. What are the best parts?
The structure of commercials and how can that help us do a better job of voicing?
those commercials
So here’s the thing.
I’m going to show you over the course of the next three videos three different aspects of commercial copy that
Pretty sure other people to teach you how to voice commercial copy. Don’t pay much attention to they talk about
how to make your voice sound great and how to come in under 30 seconds and things like that
I want to talk to you about is the ways that you’re going to get the attention.
of the excuse me, you’re going to get the attention of the
Casting directors that you send auditions to my how you approached the copy. So in this particular video, I want to talk
about the problem in every commercial script know it’s not your problem.
It’s the problem that the customer the consumer the person that’s going to end up hearing or watching.
The commercial has that problem.
Something they need the song.
you know, they’re I don’t know their clothes are dirty or their ketchup is running or
Their car is a rust bucket or I don’t know your mobile phone isn’t so smart. It’s still a
You know, it’s still a flip phone of some sort. So whatever. The problem is for the consumer the commercial has
That will give you a solution.
to that problem
Once you identify the problem that’s being solved by the product or service. It’s in the commercial.
And you make it your mission?
to make sure
That the listener or the viewer knows that you can help them with the problem. We’re going to talk about the other two
things that you need to know to complete that puzzle.
And you move away from those cosmetic concerns about pronouncing words properly in where to breathe and and standing up
straight and all that stuff.
Is talked about the storytelling right? You know how to make your words sound good of your voice deeper. Are you be sexier
more friendly just know that you’re going to take care of?
consumers problem, right
You’ll instantly start thinking about things in a much more concrete fashion.
Instead of the Aesthetics about the the work right the authentic mission of helping.
The customer right?
and sometimes that listener or viewer will realize
That they have this problem when they didn’t know they had the problem. They’ll realize it right when you’re saying are
you reminding them? Hey, maybe they’re closed art is Fluffy coming out of the dryer is they should be your
Other teeth aren’t as white as they should be or their computer isn’t as fast.
as it should be
when you identify
the problem
And any good copy? It’s only going to tackle one problem at a time. It’s not going to try to be everything everybody. But
once you start to voice that copy knowing that problem tells you.
what to do in terms of your performance
Because instead of being informed by reading words while on the page you’re being informed by I’m going to help.
If you are the listener.
With this problem. I’m going to help you find a new car. I’m going to help them.
You know, you were some condition that they have dandruff. Who knows what you’re doing.
The product or service that you’re describing if it’s well written copy is going to describe the problem and as we’re
going to see you in another video reveal a secret.
To help the listener or the viewer do their job.
I’m going to talk about secrets and jobs in another video.
I wonder if this is something that you have heard before if it’s something that makes sense to you. Give me a comment
below and tell me what you think about this because once you get this system down, it’s going to make doing commercials
just a whole bunch more fun easier. Your additions are going to sound more authentic and authoritative going to be
If you’d like to subscribe to this Channel and keep up with these videos, I’m doing one a day for a year. Go ahead and
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that’s the one. Yeah, they do that for you because I’m special that way and so are you I’m David H Lawrence 17th. I thank
you so much for watching and I will talk to you tomorrow..



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  1. A good commercial is a story. A good voice Actor is a storyteller. Just like a story or play, there are three parts: Character (product,) Conflict (problem,) Resolution.

    Tell the fabulous story of the Amazing Product, the Problem the customer has, and how it makes the customer’s life better by solving that problem.

  2. Was taught this awhile back, there is a: Problem.Middle.Solution, but your question/statement of: “Just take care of the consumers problem” simplified it all.
    Thanks David.

  3. I can see why you can’t read them….if they aren’t there to begin with. If YouTube doesn’t provide me with them (which is what the short little comic comments are that are in place where the captions would be), I can’t put them in the posts, and they won’t appear on the video if you turn on CC. I have nothing to do with YouTube failing to automatically close caption them. Every so often that’s what happens. It’s YouTube, not me.

  4. you are the only one who has ever taught me about solving the problem of the listener….and I use it in my auditions all the time. But it’s always good to have a reminder like this to get back to the basics!

  5. Really going to focus in on what you teach in these 3 posts at this month’s workout! Of course I always try to use what you have taught us, but I appreciate the reminders…so easily we forget!