How To Conquer FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

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I was having a conversation with a friend recently, and we were talking about how hard it is to keep with everything new – how it’s like a firehose of new stuff to be aware of, and how if you don’t keep up, you might be missing out on something awesome.

There’s actually a name for that – FOMO, or fear of missing out.

It’s a thing you don’t need to worry about needlessly. Here are some tips on how to conquer the beast that is FOMO:

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Hope this helps!


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hey there, it’s David H Lawrence the 17th, and I was having a conversation with a friend recently and
We’re talking about just how hard it is to keep up with everything coming at us from social media for the internet from
news from broadcast.
Is the stuff that people are changing in terms of the names they give things.
What they’re describing even the title of this video fomo.
Where did that come from? When did that become a thing, you know?
And of course, it means the fear of missing out and what my friend was saying was.
Everything is coming out us.
Like a fire hose, there’s no way we can drink from it. There’s no way we can kind of figure out what to get in. It feels
as though if we don’t.
Will be left behind and that’s the essence of the fear of missing out.
I don’t think this is something you need to worry about needlessly. I mean I have people ask me all the time. How do you
know all this stuff?
And I don’t know all this stuff. I know some stuff some stuff that.
I really want to know things that appeal to me things that help me in my life and in my business.
And it may appear that I’m more aware of some things than other people but it’s only because I talk about it more than
anything I think but I’ve got some things that I think might help you if you everything to yourself while I just don’t
know where all this is.
and I and I want to share this with you because
You can.
begin to feel
as though
You’re in danger you like if you don’t keep up with these things.
That somebody’s going to take advantage of you or you’re going to miss out on something.
a productive or profitable
I want you to consider just a couple of things are about three things for you.
I want you to consider accepting the fact.
You can’t keep up.
I can’t keep up.
No one can keep up with everything.
You already have resources and processes in place in your life.
That allow you to manage what you become aware of.
And I know the fear of missing out is yeah, but what about all the stuff that I don’t know.
Trust the fact that you have kept the things that worked.
and kind of gotten rid of the things that don’t work or a time soccer aren’t
Appropriate or or or relevant to your life.
And know that the things that you do have in place.
Will signal things that you should be knowing about you should be aware of.
Your friends around you the people that you work with the people that Supply you with things that the places that you go
online. You already have those in place. You don’t need to worry.
So much.
If you don’t have different things.
You’re going to lose or you’re going to be in danger, right? So that’s number one except the fact can’t keep up. But the
things that you do keep up with are the things that are appropriate for you.
Another thing to consider is going deep.
not white
So go deep not wide.
It’s great to know.
Everything there is to know about everything in the world, right? This is not what you think but isn’t it also great to
know an awful lot about one or two or five or 10 or 20 things as opposed to a little tiny bit.
About a million things.
so consider the fact that when you do find something new and bright and shiny and happy that you want to learn about
You know enjoy the idea of going deep on that subject.
As opposed to okay. I know that now what else am I missing? What else don’t I know go deeper on the things that you do
find out about
And be willing to discard the stuff that when you do go deep doesn’t make you joyful.
Or happy or mindful, right?
And then the third thing that I want you to consider is that perhaps the fear of missing out?
Is actually Envy.
or jealousy in disguise
You know, I really am but he knows what he’s talking about. I don’t know what I’m talking about. I want to be him.
She just has everything cuz she knows what all the coolest things that the kids are saying are these days, you know, I’m
jealous of her think about that if envy and jealousy.
Are masquerading as the fear of missing out.
Then understand the fact that those people that you’re envious hub.
You’re only going to possibly be envious of them on a temporary basis.
They may be the cool kids in class for now.
But trust me at some point down the line they’re going to be coming to you going. What is that?
Thing that you do about the thing that you talked about what is that, you know?
Like I had to talk in another video about being a process person versus an options person.
At work in addition to being an option person somewhere on the Spectrum.
The idea that they are smarter or hipper than you are or have better resources than you do.
They only know some things that you don’t know yet.
But know that you also know things that they don’t know yet. There’s no reason to be envious or jealous of them.
I know that that’s almost unavoidable in some cases for some people.
But when you consider that not everyone can know everything and everyone has golden nuggets in their pockets.
other people
You can sort of get rid of that. You can let go of that Envy.
And that jealousy and just be happy with what you have and what is being sent your way.
So here’s my question for you and put it in the comments below. Do you have the fear of missing out and if you do, how
does it show up in your life?
What are the things that strike you as dangerous or unpleasant about not knowing all the things that everybody else knows
ring the perception of not knowing all the things that everybody else knows.
Let me know in the comments below and if you figured out ways.
To cope with that. I’d like to know that too. Would love to know that.
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it’ll play for you.
You don’t have to fear missing out on that, right?
I’m David H Lawrence to 17th. I thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you tomorrow..



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  1. Not Knowing something that is crucial to your project, your process and your work, and being able to ask for help.
    Knowing how to ask for help. Sometimes I just don’t know the HOW, or even how to explain what the problem is.
    Technology I learnt in your ACX.Masterclass. Step by step as I learnt to read as a child. But when something new comes and changes things, my instincts aren’t enough to handle the situation. My Fear isn’t of Missing out , but fear of not knowing the questions to ask!!!!!!

    1. Pretty much “ditto” for me. I don’t think “instinct” can help much with tech, because ,no matter how “intuitive” they say their programs are they are mostly random rules, and the rules change. The only way to learn tech, for me, is good old rote memory or having written “recipe” instructions. Learning most other things, even a new language, you can draw on past learning and comparisons. With tech, not so much.

  2. I definitely have experienced FOMO in many different ways, especially when I get overwhelmed with all of the things I want to learn and how I don’t have the time to do them all. One way of coping with this is dealing with the feeling of being overwhelmed. I chose not to think the thought “I’m overwhelmed” and rather focus on ONE thing that I want to learn. If I’m that invested in it, the overwhelming feeling goes away quickly and I feel accomplished!

  3. Combining FOMO with a love of new tech can become a very expensive proposition! Interestingly, one of the antidotes is your recommendation to “go deep, not wide”. Adopt the attitude that you need to know something thoroughly before buying in, and it seriously tempers the number of things you’re willing to invest in with both time AND money. And the ones that win out become your areas of expertise that others envy.

  4. I love “deep, not wide”.
    I think I have a very good reason for FOMO – tech, especially social media. My low tech answer is to read books about it! I can navigate my computer ok, but don’t really understand how it works or how to use all the bells and whistles and accessories, and programs. I feel overwhelmed by the amount or e mail I get, and even more when you add social media.