The Day AARP Called

Hey, there!

Short and sweet: I’ll never forget the day that AARP called and said they’d like to feature me in an article. About entrepreneurs over 50.

And they wanted to know all about my acting, VO, storytelling coaching, Rehearsal® Pro and how I accomplished all that…to help other actors, despite being over 50.

Here’s the article and below, the video (which they shot here in LA just before we launched the Rehearsal® Pro IndieGoGo campaign):

If you think “It’s too late for me…” (one of our Believe 2018 limiting beliefs, destroyed and replaced by our journeyers), think again.

Hope this helps.



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  1. Well done David!! I love the snippets of you acting “by yourself.”
    You are a very talented man!
    Crossing my fingers you will be on the new Heroes show. 🙂

    ~Moe Rock

  2. Loved your interview David. It is so cool to see you on this. I will watch Hero’s for the first time soon. I have been a bit busy. Thanks for your updates. 😉

  3. Congratulations on the acknowledgment of your work! You’re in good company, too, in this article with others who also impress with their tech developments.

  4. Loved this. David, you are so talented and inspiring. I especially liked your comment that this is a second act for you. I identify with that and am encouraged to follow my dream. Thanks for sharing so much of your brain data.