0015: That Giddy Feeling Even Though Everything Around You Is Burning

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Show notes

Hey there, hero!

Ever have an incredible feeling of gratitude, one that just made you giddy?

I have a feeling that thinking about those moments might be helpful about now.

And that’s what happened this week…because of what YOU did. Yeah. I’m talking to YOU.

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  1. I’m giddy about my first on camera job going live in 9 days on Apple TV+ which is also free for a limited time so tons of my friends and family can watch at least part of the show!!!

    I had posted about Teach Your Course Online on Facebook and got 5 shares. I hope that helped 🙂

  2. If you can, I know a shedload of teachers who would appreciate information on using Microsoft Teams…
    More targeted messages sent to some of my specific friends; teachers, hair stylist, writer,… All good responses.
    Thank you for putting this together.
    Best to you,

  3. Nice to see your giddiness and gratitude. For me, I was joyful and moved to tears (twice?) when I put one of my HR legal forms out into the world, just a little bit, and the phone calls and emails came in almost instantly.