0014: Help Me Help Teachers. Hashtag, #3forteachers

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Hey there, hero!

I didn’t create a podcast episode last week.

But I had a really good reason, honest.

And I hope you’ll help me out with why. Hashtag, #3forteachers.

Link to course: https://teachyourcourseonline.com
Link to viral effort: https://3forteachers.com


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  1. Video posted:
    Hi, Stuart Gauffi here. Do you remember a particular teacher who made a difference in your life? I know I do. My friend David H. Lawrence XVII has put together an amazing free course that shows teachers how to teach online. Here’s the thing: it’s not a free webinar that tries to get you to sign up for a paid course–it’s completely free for the next 30 days, for any teacher that wants to sign up. It’s at 3forteachers.com, #3forteachers. Please take a minute and tell a teacher you know. Let’s help those teachers. Thanks.

    1. Stuart I love your message. Thanks for sharing. I’ll use it tomorrow. I posted something before I thought about looking at the comments today.

  2. David, I have done a lot of live teaching and am so grateful for your support of our kids and teachers. You know I struggle with technology but I made the effort to post the following on Twitter, FB and Linked In today. Will do something similiar tomorrow.

    “Teachers and learning are so important to our growth as humans. Feeling grateful for teachers wanting to teach online. There’s a free course for teachers at http://3forteachers.com This was produced by a generous voice actor/friend David H. Lawrence who teaches online all the time. #3forteachers Please check it out. It’s free for teachers for the next 30 days.”

  3. On it and thank you. As a former substitute teacher, I know many locally. But I also have a lot of friends who are teachers or administrators. I’ll send it out between making masks. Which reminds me, I need to make a video of how to make the masks for my 4h club. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Here’s the one I put up (forgot to share it here). And I spoke to another teach this morning, told her about it and she was so grateful! She has been struggling with their school platform. She said she would get into it and bring it up at their staff meeting this week.

      Alrighty! Are you a teacher? Are you struggling with teaching your classes online? One of my teachers has a lifeline for you. Many of you have asked how did I get into doing audiobooks and voiceovers. Long story short, I took some classes. Online. From an actor/teacher/techoperson/radioguy. He has developed a class for teachers to take your secret sauce to your kids by using his secret sauce. Go to https://teachyourcourseonline.com. The class is FREE. This is his response to helping out during this crisis and he has asked his students (like me) to help get the word out. His name is David H. Lawrence Xvii. (There is a story on the XVII, but that is for another time.)
      You are all from enough places and you know other teachers. Pass it around. If you are not a teacher or you just want to let others know, got to https://3forteachers.com or use #3forteachers. Good luck and may your creativity and your kids go wild! This is not an ad for something where your information will be compromised. Only an offer of help. And I guarantee, you will be empowered!