0032: Pozotron Responds To Narrator Concerns About Data Retention



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

If you produce and master your audiobook narration, as you would for ACX, Findaway and as an author-as-narrator, you probably have heard about Pozotron, the digital proofing and pronunciation tool that makes you unstoppable as an accurate narrator.

When I first started using Pozotron, I fell in love. Still in love. But when I went to delete my project once I’d finished with all my corrections, something curious happened.

I couldn’t.

Pozotron wouldn’t let me.

And I wasn’t the only narrator who noticed this, and got a bit nervous about what Pozotron was doing with all our audio data. Questions were asked, including the dreaded “Are they just gathering as much audio of ours as they can so they can model AI voices after us?”

It became a union issue as well, and I decided to find out.

I did. They aren’t. And they are putting their legal money where their mouths are, by actually changing two key points in their Terms of Service.

I had a chance to talk with Pozotron’s CEO, Jake Poznanski about the changes he’s made.


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