0033: An AudioCupcake Special For Black Friday/Cyber Monday



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

Let me start by saying that if you’re a current VOHeroes Pro or Pro Emeritus member, you get the Premium version of AudioCupcake for free, so you don’t need to do anything but ask me for it. Don’t take advantage of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special, since your special is even better.

But if you’re not, you still have a great opportunity to grab this new software at an awesome discount.

In this episode, I’ll introduce you to AudioCupcake, tell you why we made it, and what it can do to make your audiobook narration and podcasting sound spectacular.

We’re really excited about it, and we hope you’ll love it too.

Download AudioCupcake (for Mac only) at https://audiocupcake.com


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  1. Wonderful! Just bought the premium cupcake for myself. And I paid full price on purpose, because I’m thankful for the many things you do.

  2. Hey, David,
    Now, how about a premium version of Levellator? During the ACX Masterclass, I think you said Levellator was an orphan program. Any chance of giving it a home and an upgrade? Or would you consider making a Windows version of Audio Cupcake? Thanks for all your tips!

    1. Pozotron isn’t my product. It’s a lot more involved then a simple product like Oreo cupcake. I don’t think the company could survive without an ongoing subscription for some thing as complicated as Pozotron.

  3. Congratulations David! I am so excited for you! I am a PC user so it won’t help me. I am so jealous!
    Good luck in your latest offering!


  4. Hey David, I tried to download AudioCupcake and purchase the upgrade with the BLACKFRIDAY deal, but after downloading, when I tried to open the program, I received this message: “AudioCupcake cannot be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.” Any idea what is going wrong?

  5. This is spectacularly amazing! I’ve been waiting. All this rigamarole is part of what makes me dread VO auditions/projects. You have made my life so much easier! Thanks for your awesomeness!

  6. Congrats, David! This sounds awesome!! But I have a PC. Any possibility of creating Audio Cupcake for Windows any time soon? Please add my name to your list of requests for us non-Mac-ers.

  7. This is glorious and easy and definitely a time saver. It’s also great to know there are now two tools available for Audiobook narrators, as Levelator is still a great backup. Honestly, if I weren’t a PRO, I’d probably buy AudioCupcake anyway.

  8. What a great product! Since Audacity was mentioned as a DAW to transfer recordings, is AudioCupcake compatible with Adobe Audition? Also, below, I saw where Apple would not let AudioCupcake open because Apple could not check it for malicious software. How is that addressed? Hoping I can use this!!!

  9. Good for you David. Something we need and all wrapped up in a convenient package. You are probably under pricing it though.

  10. I tried downloading audio cupcake a couple times with the intention to then upgrade to the premium, especially with the black Friday discount. I have A Mac desktop computer that’s a couple years old. I’ve downloaded the latest software. But every time I try to download audio cupcake and when I go to open it after moving it to the applications file I get a message that it is damaged. I’m thinking maybe that problem is my computer is too old? MacOS is Yosemite. I’ve searched the FAQs and can’t seem to find a solution. Any insight you have would be great.

  11. I love that you are so tech savvy and that you create products like Rehearsal Pro and AudioCupcake. They seem like essential products for Apple-using actors. Bummer that I can’t use them 🙂