Please Unsubscribe From This List. But Don’t Do This One Destructive, Lazy Thing.

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Hey there!

I don’t ask for much, but here’s a simple request.

I completely understand if you want to unsubscribe from this list. I don’t want anyone on my list that doesn’t want what I have to offer, or doesn’t find value in what I have to share.

But some people are mistaken, or uninformed about how to properly do that. Or, just plain lazy. Or, have more nefarious intentions…

…if they do what I describe in this video.

Hope this helps!



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  1. Great points. And I do think it’s rude to mark a list I have subscribed to as spam. There are some lists, however, with legitimate political or social issues that subscribe people without asking when you sign one of their petitions. When I happen to see one of these in my spam folder I gratefully delete all, knowing that I won’t have them cluttering up my inbox where I have to delete them individually. I never thought of the implications. Useful video. Thank you.

  2. David I am confused because I didn’t think there was anything wrong with Gmail promo tab, because gmail made that distinction. I have many newsletters and the like that appear in that tab that I did sign up for, so I guess I don’t see how that is prejudicial. Yours don’t but I sometimes even end up having auditions ending up in that tab and had no idea there were ramifications one way or the other. Let me ask you this, I was contemplating unsubscribing from the emails because I have subscribed to your channel. But if I did that, would I no longer get Rehearsal Pro emails?

  3. So yes, this was interesting to me. I knew that marking an item as spam would make my *client* program learn it and filter future emails based on that, but didn’t realize it would report back to my provider. Good info. Thanks.

  4. A true spammer will take that unsubscribe request and know that your email address is a good address and never stop sending stuff to that address. The problem is that we often have no way of knowing if the sender of the email is a spammer or not. I have learned this the hard way and eventually found myself simply calling an emailer a spammer because I got tired of having my unsubscribe requests being ignored.

    Now that I’ve said all of that, please David, DON’T take me off of your list. Thank you.

  5. Fascinating, David. Tx for shedding light on this. I understand Tom Johnson’s frustration. But at least now I know to only use the spam option as a last resort — and I also understand why I once got a warning from my email provider when I’d sent out a MailChimp announcement …

  6. David, Thank you very much for the information. I never knew that. I don’t mark something as spam unless it is span e.g. the adult dating site or viagara site that sends me emails I NEVER asked for.

    Do you have any recourse for this situation to establish to your provider that the person confirmed that they wanted the emails from you?

    May I share this video with my friends on Facebook? I am not sure they would know the difference as I didn’t.

    Thanks again!

    1. You can share any video I do with anyone you want. I thank you for that. And no, there’s no recourse…there’s no way for my email list service provider to tell if someone really considers you a spammer, or they are just being lazy.

      1. Thank you for saying I can share the video.

        That is unfortunate you have no recourse. Seems a little one sided!

        Thank you again for the one a day videos. I so look forward to watching them.


  7. Thanks, as always, David. For the record, I DON’T want to unsubscribe from your videos, but if I did, there’s no “unsubscribe” button on this page. To unsubscribe, I have to close this page, go back to your email and know enough to scroll down and look for the “unsubscribe” link in small print at the very bottom of the page. I acknowledge that the “lazy” label can often be truthfully applied to people like me, but when a problem like this appears it might be more useful to think of us as just not very tech-savvy and to keep looking for ways to make things as simple and intuitive as possible. Hope this helps.

  8. I enjoy reading your emails whenever I can . I seriously regret having spent so much money elsewhere for largely ineffective training. Having seen the real world difference between your training and others, I now know that this is the most comprehensive training available, as far as I can tell.

  9. I always unsubscribe from lists when I no longer want the emails, but I didn’t know about the consequences to legitimate lists if they are simply marked as spam. Thanks for the video David.

  10. I did know this, so I’m careful to unsubscribe if I no longer want to receive email.
    There are two circumstances under which I’ll mark an email as spam. One is when someone puts me on a mailing list I don’t wish to be on without my permission, and they don’t include a method of unsubscribing. The second is when I select unsubscribe more than once and the emails keep coming, so I call, and the emails keep coming, and I write, and, and…you get it. I guess someone in the office dropped that ball!

  11. I love what you send. Sometimes I get backed up on watching and just save them to binge later. There is so much value in your work. Thank you for everything you provide. I learned a lot about getting off other lists. Good to know.

  12. Heck David, you’re like my coffee in the morning — I won’t dream of unsubscribing — can’t imagine what I would do without your encouraging ajnd enlighting info each day.