Don’t Mistake The Joy Of Knowing For The Joy Of Doing

Photo by Alexandra Kirr on Unsplash

Hey there!

I love going to events where I anticipate learning something. I crave new information, new strategies, new tactics and how-tos.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with learning for the love of learning. But I learned something about the danger of this love of knowledge that I want to share with you in these next few videos, and then show you how to fix the situation.

This first aspect I see happening all the time with some of my clients. And it can lead to frustration and misplaced blame.

Hope this helps!



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  1. This is great. I feel like it ties in so well (at least for me) with your video from a few days ago about trusting that we are ‘enough’ as we are, and not thinking we always have to ‘bring on the announcer voice’ and be more. I am a learner and enjoy taking in as much information as I can about subjects that I want to pursue. But often when that class is finished and I have been given everything I need to move forward, I hesitate thinking that I can’t possibly be ready for this, I must have missed something important, or I doubt I have all that I need to really DO this? I like to call this “Unique-itis”. i.e; “You don’t understand! I’m different, I’m unique! I need more information than everyone else!”
    A terrible malady that I work to overcome daily. Thanks!

  2. This resonates quite loudly! Currently the greatest struggle I have. I think there are also overtones of FOMO and FOBO.

  3. One of the things you said in the ACX Master Class was, “Be predisposed to action.” That really stuck with me. By the way, I am currently working on my 21st and 22nd books since mid-February. Thanks.

  4. It does resonate. I think that it ties in too with the ready shoot aim theory. I love to learn, and I could take classes and learn about tonnes of stuff, but there’s a time to get out there and send auditions, send proposals, get to the doing. You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t start… the journey of a million miles as it were.

  5. I think of this concept when I see my martial arts students struggling with their material. Regarding VO, I need to practice more often. Thanks for the video David.

  6. OOOOOOO … cord struck with “it is safer for me to learn more than to do something with what I already know”. Wowzers! This is so true! I love learning but I also love to apply things I’ve learned. I have to admit I do lose my mind from time to time and feel like I might miss out on some pivotal piece of the puzzle to solving the universe so I do take a lot of classes. Sometimes I use what I’ve learned just to better my life. Most of the time it is for business. I do have a list of classes I have to get through for all kinds of subjects. I just schedule them by importance and set dates to complete them. I feel like knowledge is power but putting that knowledge to use is the real end goal. Learning and gaining skills makes me feel like I’ve unlocked a secret. If I could plug my head into the net and download everything thing at once like in the Matrix I’d do it today. Ok, now to implement and get back to recording my next book, which I learned how to do in the ACX master class. Shameless plug. 🙂

  7. Absolutely true for me lately. Never really was that kind of behavior in me until I had some medical complications. At this point it’s a combination of really enjoying learning almost more than doing, and a fear starting out and being penalized not being instantly profitable.