0098: On “Following Up.” Yeah. Don’t.

Hey there, hero!

What runs through your mind when you hit that SEND button for the audition you just created? High hopes, excitement, anticipation, maybe a sense of satisfaction?


Fast forward to a couple of days later. Are you still thinking about it? Wondering how it landed with the casting person?

And maybe thinking you need to follow up?

Maybe you are one of those actors and voice talents that makes a regular habit of following up…just to “build that relationship.”

Don’t. Full stop. Hear why I’m so final about this advice in the episode.

Does this fly in the face of what you’ve heard before? Do you find yourself unable to let go of the notion that you have to follow up? Do you totally disagree with me? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. The other thing “following up” can do, is really annoy the folks for whom you auditioned. Imagine the client getting hundreds of emails from talent “following up.” When I have my director hat on, there have been times when I’ve actually blacklisted a given talent for bothering me multiple times by “checking in.”

    Your advice is, as usual, brilliant.

  2. Yes!! Thank you for this, David!! All that time, postage, postcard printing cost, email searches… “They know where to find me.” The perfect statement.