13169: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Hey there, hero!

My grandfather was a funny, smart cookie. He wasn’t a performer, rather my grandfather was a plumber.

I’m not really shocked anymore at how many lessons I learned from him, even though he was a tradesman, about how to execute my occupation and run my business.

One of the basic rules he lived by was to be damn sure he had a measure of a job before he executed the plumbing needed.

He measured, then measured again, just to be sure. Then he cut his pipes. And they always seem to fit perfectly together.

It wasn’t hesitancy, it was being sure, and then double sure.

Can you see how you might use this concept in creating your characters and doing your work? Would it be worth it to you take a moment and take a second measure? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I know that many times when I have rushed through a side for an audition, I have noticed things that I didn’t take the time to find when I am either reading the script for the audition aloud with another actor OR on my way home, as I replay why that may not have been my best choice.
    So measure twice, cut once is excellent advice in so many parts of performing and in life, generally.
    Thank you for the thought-provoking talk.

  2. Love this! With the fast pace of auditions, I tend to go with initial impressions. But for the audition and performance to have substance and stand out, I need to fulfill my checklist of questions to deliver a more full-bodied, unique performance