13168: Celebrate Both Your Highlight Reel AND Your Blooper Reel

Hey there, hero!

Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody fails at things. All. The. Time.

Instead of being solely embarrassed about it, and fearful that failure might become the norm, why not make light of your mistakes?

Even…celebrate them?

You’ll hear what I did in this episode.

Sound familiar? How did you handle it? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. David,
    I love this! I try to laugh whenever I goof instead of being frustrated. I think of Max and Victoria in a workout saying to me “Maybe you want to slow down a little” or “add a little sparkle” to a particular word or “smile”. If I kept a blooper reel, I am sure it would be longer than any other reel.
    Thanks for this!

  2. Love This! Love Bloopers. They’re funny annd enjoyable sometimes.
    Unfortunately, I sent a blooper Slate. At the end of my slate it was a G rated blooper. Got the gig and they laughed.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. My pop filter dropped off in the middle of recording a LinkedIn video and I kept right on going… so I poked fun of myself and posted that video on my FB biz page. Amen to bloopers!

  4. Okay… Sounds interesting. I don’t have a blooper reel right now; I never thought of having one; my bad. The way I work, my bloops get excised during the editing process, disappearing, never to be heard again. Maybe, I need to rethink this.

    But, wait a minute. I’m not sure I know how to do this; I’ll have to take some time to figure it out. But, wait another minute. Even if I can do it, I’m not sure how to “celebrate” a blooper reel to get the maximum desired effect. Any suggestions, David, the xvii-th?

  5. I love that. Being mindful rather than being embarrassed. “Yep – that happened. Now I know another thing not to do.” And it’s a great way to handle someone else calling you out for something. “You’re right! Boy did I mess that up!” sometimes followed by “I won’t be doing that again!”