Just Because You Can Do Something Doesn’t Mean You Should

Photo by Andre Mouton on Unsplash

Hey there!

Bruce Andis commented on one of the Fallacy videos I did, and reminded me of this one.

And it’s a really big one, because once you understand it, you can use it to your advantage.

Hope this helps!



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  1. David, you are such a mensch. I’m glad you’re getting some value out of a little pointer, but you really didn’t need to give me public credit. This is why people specifically seek out your guidance in an often callous industry.

  2. I love Bodalgo. (Stay with me, here.) It’s not just because I have gotten work through them, but for all the ways they give me feedback. I know whether an audition has been listened to, whether it’s been shortlisted, and sometimes the solicitor of an audition leaves encouraging comments. I recently went back through all the shortlisted auditions I did, and from them, I did something “you’re not supposed to do for yourself,” so I’ve been told. I created my own new Corporate Demo, and honestly, I think it came out great! Not only does it sound great (no, I’m not biased!), but it shows my range, but more importantly, it let me see that I have the chops to do this kind of editing and production. So now I get to add another line-item to my product offerings: demo production! 😀

  3. I get caught in this …. just because you can do this, doesn’t mean you should do this… because I have skills, experience and talent in doing something really well, I get asked to do things….just today it happened again. And, because I feel that because I can do something really well for them, then I should do that thing I was asked to do… not that I have the extra time to fit one more project into my life…learning to say, “not this time” has been difficult for me…and then I feel guilty for not giving that help….

    1. David, you made my day — not because you mentioned me (well, yeah, a little because of that), but because I happened to be sitting on the couch with my 18-year-old son when I played the video. I bask in your reflected glory!

      Great video, by the way. I liked the way you twisted the fallacy to show the other facet. Slick.