Is The Microphone In The New Apple 16″ MacBook Pro Really Studio-Quality?

Hey there, hero!

When Apple recently announced their new MacBook Pro, one particular feature caused my inbox to blow up.

It was about a claim Apple made about the quality of the built-in microphone built into this new Mac.

Almost every new feature on the new flagship Mac laptop is stunning…

…but the mic ain’t one.

Hope this helps!



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  1. I remember when my daughter first encountered earbuds. She thought they were the greatest things ever. I pooh-pooed them, touting the headphones I’ve been using for years (AKG Studio Monitors, with a great flat response). She didn’t believe me. I bought her a really nice set of headphones. She got what I was talking about. Once you’ve used the good stuff, it’s hard to go backwards.

  2. David, I think this vid looks great! The content is always good, and I love the color of the background, the way it and you are lit and that accent of the flower in the back left of the screen. Nice work!

  3. Hi David,

    You always sign off by saying “Hope This Helps”, and as always it does. Thank you for your time and effort with these daily videos.

    RJ Malyk