Increase Your Chances Of Being Seen And Heard On Facebook

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Hey there!

Facebook made some changes recently to how they structure notifications – those are the emails they send out to you when something happens you asked to be notified about…like a new post in a group you’re in, or a comment to a post you’re following.

The thing is, they made those notifications more compact, and that’s actually a problem.

If you want to be heard, here are two things you need to do with every post you make.

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Hope this helps!


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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and today I want to help you get better
exposure to the questions and comments
and posts that you make on Facebook in
particular and on social media in
general if you haven’t joined a facebook
group yet or subscribed to a page or
followed somebody this may not apply to
you but I think most people have done
that already
and certainly this applies to all my
pros and the people in our a CX master
class private groups two things I want
to share with you number one Facebook
gives you the opportunity to set up the
ability for them to email you when
somebody posts in a group or when
somebody responds to a post or a comment
that you’ve made or tags you in a post
or a comment you can set that up in the
header of any group under the
notifications drop-down menu there’s
highlights there’s none and there’s all
and you want to if you really want to
participate in a group you want to do
all in that way you’ll get an email
whenever anybody posts something but
they’ve changed recently what those
email notifications look like it used to
be the entire post or at least a very
big portion of it a paragraph or so and
I think in an effort to increase
engagement those email messages now are
only the first 5 to 10 words so one of
the things that I noticed happening is
that people who are trying to be nice or
flowery or don’t quite understand how to
get to the meat of something quickly are
posting things with like hi I searched
the the group and didn’t see an answer
to you know by the time they get to
search the group that’s all you’re gonna
see in that email notification or
they’ll post something like I just have
a quick question can somebody here
answer this for me you know by the time
you get to the word question that’s all
they’re gonna show you in
email notifications and I’m in many
groups on Facebook and I am I find the
news feed or my feed in particular to be
extraordinarily difficult to follow all
of the threads of the things that I want
so in each group that I’m in that I want
to follow closely
I set the notifications up for all and
if you want to be noticed if you want to
be helped if you want people to see what
you’re doing what you want to be able to
do is front-load your comment with
exactly what you’re looking for right
how much do you charge per finished hour
then do the niceties I looked in the
group I searched the group I couldn’t
find anything please answer my question
but put the thing that you want in the
first few words not quick question for
the group hope you don’t mind you know
don’t do that because that takes up all
the space that’s in that email
notification and you probably noticed
yourself going what you know and you
what it does is it forces you to waste
the time to go and look at the the
actual post rather than knowing whether
or not it’s a post worth dealing with
and then the second thing is and I’ve
mentioned this before but I want to
reiterate it because it really is one of
the most productive things that I have
done if you really want a question that
you have to be answered or a comment
that you make to be noticed what you
don’t want to do is slide that in to
someone else’s post what will happen is
somebody will post a question people
answer ANSWER Answer there might be a
response more answering and then it
reminds one of the people in the group
or or one of the posters of another
question on adjacent question you know I
see it all the time
oh that brings up another question or oh
that reminds me or let me ask a question
that’s related don’t do it in the
comment stream of another post create a
new post
when you kind of sidetrack the thread
that’s answering the original posters
question you’re doing something called
hijacking the thread right so somebody
asks a question you know aren’t don’t
all USB mics suck and then people will
chime in with what their opinion is and
then somebody will say oh yeah and what
about headphones like way down in the
cut nobody’s gonna see that right what
you want to do is do another post that
says I’d like to ask about headphones
that makes sense and that will create
more visibility for that post number one
as opposed to buried in the comments and
it will give people an opportunity to
sort of focus on the responses and the
answers to whatever your question is so
I hope that helps
do you have any other tips you want to
give me for higher visibility when just
that you know social media is so dense
these days so it’s just it’s just
overwhelming and what do you do to cut
through the clutter what do you do to be
efficient and help others help you if
you’ve got any tips I’d love to know if
you’re watching this video anywhere but
vo – go go go – vo – go go calm leave me
a comment below the video if you would
like to subscribe to my youtube channel
go ahead and click on my head or on a
subscribe button if there’s no head
there you want to see the latest episode
I’ve done go ahead and click on that
frame there and YouTube will play it for
you I’m David H Lawrence xvii thank you
so much for watching and I will talk to
you tomorrow.



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  1. This is SOOO helpful! Thank you, thank you, David! I am going to go to all my groups and check my notifications. Thank you too, for the advice on the comment thread. You are right, social media is really overwhelming, but this helps a lot.