Dyslexia, And The Palindromic Poem. The Wha?

Hey there!

I often hear people talk about dyslexia potentially being a speed bump in their pursuit of a performance career, especially when it comes to reading a script.

I was researching this the other day, and I came across something that was simply heroic.

And I wanted to share it with you.

It’s not a cure, not a treatment, but actually a new form of written composition that spotlights and turns around the condition and how we look at it.

Whether you suffer from dyslexia or not, I’d like to challenge you to engage in it in the comments below…then share how you feel.

Here’s a sample.

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Hope this helps!


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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and from time to time I will have a
client a potential client for voice
overs say to me hey I’m Dyslexic and
it’s been a struggle for me is it going
to be something that will prevent me
from being successful as a voice over
talent I mean you got to read scripts
you got to look at breakdowns and you
not just read scripts but you really
have to be precise about your work and
my experience with dyslexic clients has
been a lot more positive than a lot of
people would think because if you just
slow down and maybe set your scripts in
that dyslexic font that they have
there’s a font specifically for dyslexic
so I’ll talk about that in a future
video he can really help I have one in
particular who is doing fantastic and
she’s told me time and again that just
simply slowing down helps so I was
researching this the other day and I
came across something that was simply
heroic and I’m gonna try not to get
emotional as I do this um I wanted to
share with you it’s not a cure it’s not
a treatment it’s actually a pretty cool
new to me anyway form of composition
you know novels and articles and poems
and prose this is called a dyslexic poem
and it’s not you know the poem itself
obviously isn’t dyslexic here’s here’s
what that means and I think whether you
suffer from dyslexia or not you’re gonna
find this amazing and I’m gonna
challenge you at the end of this video
to engage in writing a dyslexic poem if
for no other reason than for you to be
affected by it the way I was so there
was a girl in the UK she was 10 years
old and I read an article about how she
managed to really encapsulate the
misconceptions about dyslexia
in this poem that she wrote and it was
says nine lines long and her teacher
whose name is Joan Brodus shared the
poem and I I read it and I burst into
tears so
the poem is actually a palindrome and so
the actual phrase for it is palindromic
poetry not dyslexic but palindromic
poetry that means it can be read
forwards or backwards a line at a time
and you’ll see what I mean here’s here’s
how it goes
dyslexia I am stupid
no one would ever say I have a talent
for words I was meant to be great that
is wrong I’m a failure
no one would ever convince me I can make
it in life
now read
so if we read up here’s how the poem
I can make it in life no one would ever
convince me I am a failure
that is wrong
I was meant to be great I have a talent
for words no one would ever say I am
it’s amazing
you know you read it in one direction
and it’s the sad description of someone
who is really suffering
with this condition but you read it in
the other direction and all of a sudden
life is awesome
común um I would like to challenge you
I would like to challenge you even if
you’re not dyslexic I would like to
challenge you to in the comments below
create a palindromic poem
just even if it’s short even if it’s
five or six lines but understand that
when you do this you’re also reinforcing
the enabling belief that you can do this
sort of work that you can be great that
you are important not that you’re not
that you can’t that you couldn’t that
you’re not good enough
so wherever you’re watching this video
please head over to vo to go go comm and
find the page where this video is if
you’re there already great in the
comments below
see what you can come up with with a
palindromic poem I’ll share some of them
and the world will see them and I would
love to hear what you have to say about
this if you have any comments about it
if you’d like to subscribe to my youtube
channel please feel free my head is
right there or there’s a subscribe
button somewhere on the page if you want
to see the latest video I’ve done click
on that frame and YouTube will play it
for you I’m David H Lawrence xvii I hope
this helps thank you for watching and
I’ll talk to you tomorrow.



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  1. David, This was amazing! Can you please print out the poem here? That was so powerful. I would like to share it with others. Sorry not to have a poem ready but I will try working on one. Thank you for posting this!

  2. Don’t have a comment about the poem. Do have a comment about your new logo. It’s great! Takes me back to the old days; I’m 75, so I not only remember radio, I used to almost live inside of it, reveling at what I was hearing. So, kudos kid.

  3. I came back to this discussion because I wanted to see if anyone else wrote a palindromic poem. I tried. I guess I’m not as smart as that nine year old!! LOL. ALSO I’ve been meaning to tell you that, like Edloe, above, I like your new logo too, David.

  4. The poem reads:

    “I am stupid

    Nobody would ever say

    I have a talent for words

    I was meant to be great

    That is wrong

    I am a failure

    Nobody could ever convince me to think that

    I can make it in life”