I’m Halfway Finished. What Have You Valued Most? What Can I Do Better?

Photo by Eunice Lituañas on Unsplash

Hey there!

This has been a year of the one-a-day video challenge for me. And it’s been rewarding, valuable and inspiring…for me.

What about for you?

If you’ve watched one or more of these videos, I’d love to take the temperature of the room, and find out what you’ve gotten out of these, and what you’d like to see more of (or less of).

Would you care to share?

Hope this helps!



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  1. Hey David. Yes! These daily snippets of VO tech, technique and business goodness has been very helpful and comfortable. Please keep it coming. I’ve enjoyed the first half and look forward to the second half and beyond. And I also just bought your Rehearsal Pro app for the iPhone and love it. Very easy to use, and a great way to learn lines and get off book. Thanks for giving back to the VO community. Have a great day!

  2. Hi David – thanks for taking the time to do these. I generally batch listen episodes once a week (happens to be today for this week). What’s interesting is that because I go in with no expectations, I am open to hearing tidbits in most episodes that I wasn’t expecting and can apply to my business.

    Can’t wait for the back half!

  3. David, These videos are part of my morning routine in getting the day started. For the most part, I find I learn something with each one which means I am learning something new every day! They continue to help me grow in my VO knowledge and I find them very useful. And they are just the right length. So please keep doing what you are doing! It is like getting daily advice from uncle Bob about life in VO :-).

  4. Hi David, like Chris these videos are a part of my morning routine too. I look forward to what you have to say or impart each day, and love that you have included subjects about general life stuff, as well as the ins and outs of performance, technical stuff and business. You give a good perspective on things which I find very helpful, and it is fun to get to know you just a bit better too. Thanks so much for all your hard work in these videos. Here’s to the second half!

  5. Dear David:
    Thank you for continuing your commitment of producing a video a day!
    Just like life, most of the greatest benefits come from “showing up and taking what comes up!”
    I appreciate you sharing what’s coming up with you with this video series…from surgery recovery to auditioning tips to learning about a neighbor’s podcast to tips on optimal note-taking!
    I haven’t missed a single installment and look forward to the next 182!

  6. I love your candor, passion and commitment to your tribe. I do not agree with everything that you say, but I am grateful for the way you challenge my thinking and my assumptions. Please do keep up the good work!

  7. I love the authenticity in which you deliver each message. That personal touch makes all the difference! Your 365 commitment is extremely inspiring, especially to someone like me who struggles with staying the course. The variety of content keeps its fresh and shiny and I always look forward to the next video. Cheers to the next 182!

  8. Hello David,
    One, year, on my birthday, I decided to celebrate a year of birthdays. People laughed at my idea and thought that I was being silly. However, I found so many good ‘birthday gifts’ that happened to me each and every day of that year. Life is wonderful. If this had been the year that I had made that decision, your daily videos would have been at the top of the list of my ‘wonderful birthday gifts’ to enjoy daily. Your videos have given me more focus and purpose in my “narrating in my closet where I talk to myself’ world. Thank you for your enthusiasm. I congratulate you on your progress with this decision. It is much more profound than my ‘daily birthday gifts’ idea.

  9. Hi there, David:)

    Thank you for the gift of these videos! I enjoy and find value in every one of them!

  10. I’ve watched every video in the series. I often get behind on the weekends and have to watch a few at a time on Mondays but that’s ok because they’re so short.

    Regarding content, sometimes I find it extremely relevant to me, sometimes less so, but most of the time I learn something new and interesting, which gives the videos value for me overall. I find myself wondering if there is a practical and manageable way for you to have people to suggest topics, assuming there is enough interest in such a thing.

    Looking forward to more daily videos. Thanks David 🙂

  11. This is my first response. David I’ve been watching your videos since day one and I thoroughly enjoy them in part because you thoroughly enjoy doing them.

    I’m a working on camera actor but an aspiring voice actor who’s picked up several tidbits from you along the way.

    Please continue to lead the way and I will continue rocking with you.

  12. David I echo what Paula said. I have learned something new and valuable each time I watch your videos . Sometimes it’s as though you tuned into what was holding me back and addressed it in that day’s video! I really appreciate all the time and care you’ve devoted to this project, especially while you were dealing with your surgery and recovery. Btw you looked marvelous in your Henley in a previous video!! Looking forward to your videos coming in the next half of the year. Thanks for all you do for your tribe and the field !

  13. Hi David! Thank you very much for assuming this challenge that has benefited us all. Haven’t missed a single video. I’ve been a voice over actor for 25 years and now I’m also an on screen actor and I’m always eager to learn something new, different ways of doing things and other perspectives. Personally, I love it when the videos are short (4-5 mins) and have practical “tricks of the trade” (either about software or technical stuff, or how to label files, organizing, to slate or not to slate, etc.). Thank you in advance for the rest of the videos!

  14. I watch these almost every day. They are nice and short but sometimes contain valuable info. I really loved your recent tips about note taking and planning your day. I value tips on the biziness side of V.O. the most, but god knows I can use all the help I can get on tech and acting too.

  15. Thank you David for sharing all that you do!!
    It’s been great to learn from your experiences!!
    Maybe in 2020 you can create a mini series with what
    You’ve learned from this challenge!?!?
    Thanks again!!

  16. DAVID,
    You rock! It is unbelievable that you do one a day. I am in utter awe.

    Some days I confess I just can’t get to watch but I usually do make time as you keep them manageable time-wise. You are always informative and clear and thank you. You’ve improved so much and I’ve enjoyed being on this journey with you.


  17. Your videos have become part of my evening routine. It feels like you’re a friend by this point. You welcome us into your home everyday and share your life with us – we’ve seen your health scares, your shoulder surgery, Madison’s music, and your love of my hometown, Nashville. It’s great to have your encouragement as I build this VO business.

  18. David,
    Congratulations on hitting the half-way mark. I have enjoyed your videos and the great variety of topics you cover. Everyone of them I find useful on some level, and look forward to the new one each day. “Keep on truckin!” Thanks!

  19. Hi David,

    I love when you talk technology (she still hates me) and give your best practices. I love the videos and look forward to watching them. I don’t know what I am going to do with myself after December 31st. Your videos are the perfect length for me. Some podcasts that I listen to are way too long or too long so I don’t finish listening. You are succinct and to the point and I appreciate that.

    Thank you for your insights on the myriad of topics you cover.



  20. Hi David! I say keep doing what you are doing. As a fellow broadcaster, I can see and hear why you were successful for many years on radio! The topics you choose to discuss seem to tackle everyday life thoughts. I have my favorite topics (VO/broadcasted related) but honestly, even some of the topics I thought weren’t going to be useful knowledge for my lifestyle: turned about being very important. I think when you get people thinking (even if not out loud) you did well with your topic. Each video is well-thought out and informative…so, keep doing what you are doing. I’ll miss these but I also realize the commitment you make for each topic/video and I’m truly impressed you were able to pull this off this far and you seem to be going strong! Life happens and you did what you set out to accomplish, I’m along for the ride and enjoy seeing where I’m going next. Here’s to a great and strong finish!! BTW – I signed up for Tim’s course earlier today…good stuff.

  21. Hi David,

    First of all, I echo the kudos that others have given you for these videos – they’re great, and I applaud your openness and your dedication in making them. All the praise that has been heaped upon you is well deserved.

    If you’re really, truly, honestly looking for constructive feedback, mine is this (and I’m aware I may be in the minority here): I find them generally to be just a little bit too long. I know that must seem ironic given that you’ve just done a video addressing why they are the length they are! And it’s not that my attention span is so brief that I can’t concentrate for that long – it’s just that I have lots of little windows of 3-4 minutes in my day when I might absorb your content, but not a lot of 6-7 minute windows.

    I know that probably seems silly! If I can spare 3 minutes, surely I can spare 6 . . . I have no answer for that except to say that on more than one occasion I’ve opened your daily video but then failed to watch it specifically because of seeing how long it was. In fact, while I always want to watch them, I often put it off because I don’t feel I have the time, and so I’ve developed quite a back log.

    Anyway, do with that info what you will, and please don’t take it as a criticism – I genuinely like your content and I admire you greatly for doing these. It’s just that after 6 months of this, I’m pretty sure this is a pattern in me that isn’t going away; and if it’s happening to me, maybe it’s happening to others, and so I just wonder if you might have more views on a lot of your videos if the length were generally a bit shorter.

    With gratitude for all you do,

  22. I also have enjoyed watching and have never left a comment (although I enjoy reading them). I am amazed at your commitment to doing this daily – some days I can’t find the time to listen (although I always make sure to catch up). Thank you so much for putting this out there. They are helpful, refreshing and I think the length is just right.
    Many thanks,

  23. Hi, David,
    Thanks so much for including us in your challenge. Some of the videos are more informative for me than others, but I always come away having learned something! Greatly appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and experience in an entertaining way. Looking forward to the rest!