0095: How VOHeroes Pro Bethany Arrington-Peck’s Starbucks Session Went



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

When a VOHeroes Pro has a success, I always take a moment to savor that. Whether it’s a breakthrough in training, an equipment or software victory, or something as major as a booking, it’s a moment to celebrate.

And I try my best to find out the details: what did you do that led to this? What did you learn? What does it feel like to achieve this success?

And so, when I get a chance to talk to a Pro when they get such a gift, I grab it.

And that’s what I got to do with the newest voice of Starbucks, VOHeroes Pro Bethany Arrington-Peck. She’s awesome and I couldn’t be happier for her.

If you’ve wondered what it’s like to get booked and do a session for a major brand, this podcast episode is for you.

Are you excited (and maybe fearful) of such a success? Did what Bethany shared square up with your expectations of your future success? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. David, good interview.
    I’d like to second your congratulations to Bethany on landing the national. It’s an affirmation that due diligence and talent can pay off.
    I especially enjoyed you mentioning the affordable microphone she used for the spots and that she recorded from her home studio. I once recorded a few spots that aired on Game Show Network from my VERY humble home studio using an AT 20 20 as they directed over phone patch. The microphone worked fine. Sometimes I think voice talents get too hung up on gear/equipment when they should be focusing more on honing their craft and skill set in this very competitive business.
    The latest big, bad, hyped golf driver you see on a TV commercial won’t necessarily make you a better golfer. I feel the same way about microphones.
    Again, congrats Bethany. Many more coming your way. You sound like a very positive force.

  2. What a fantastic interview. Congratulations, Bethany! David, these extended interviews have so much good information and insight. So good that you’re doing them. Thank you.

  3. Bethany,
    I specifically appreciate the pauses you let hang. It allows the listener to taste with your words. the pause is so underused, that coma, that selah creates the edge of your seat in drama, builds humor in comedy, and builds flavor with your ad. Great job.

  4. Thanks David for interviewing Bethany. It was good to hear that it was her hard work during the last 2 years, going through the courses, applying the knowledge and treating everyone with respect, that got her to this point. Loved the final take away..clients want to hire YOU…find out who YOU are and become your best version of yourself!! Congratulations Bethany!

  5. Great interview, David! Thanks for taking us BTS and demystifying some of the process of commercial work.

    Bethany, congratulations! I am so proud of you and found myself full of joy as I watched you tell about your experience – lots of great nuggets for us to remember.

    I especially appreciate when you affirmed us, saying that we are enough, that we need to become good at being ourselves because that’s what sells us.

    I can’t wait to see the campaign – I think I’ll get a bit misty too 😊