0029: How To Take A Note From A Coach Or A Casting Director



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

As an actor and voice talent, I’ve been on both ends of notes.

Meaning I’ve received them when auditioning or being taught, and I’ve given them when coaching talent.

But when I received an email from one of my brand spankin’ new VOHeroes Pros, concerned that others new to the profession might not know how to receive coaching, adjustments, notes etc. with welcome and open arms, I realized something.

That I never got formal training on how to take a note.

I just watched others and copied what other actors and voice talent did…how they reacted, accepted, rejected, fought, embraced and and a whole host of other actions when they got feedback in a session…and how what they did helped (or didn’t help) them get better.

Luckily, I had some good role models. But it made me think that there might be a place for some formal education on a really simple thing: how to get the most out of being coached.

So I got together with that new Pro, Bethany Arrington, and my friend and awesome coach, Michael Kostroff, and we discussed best practices for being world-class at taking notes and making adjustments. I think you’ll get a lot out of it, too.


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  1. This was really excellent. So spot on, from my 40 years in a stage and TV Career. And still, I found a couple things mentioned here where I could improve! Thank you to all three of you!

  2. I loved this video. SO much good stuff. I always figure somebody else know more than I do.
    Nice that you had Bethany on. Thanks to Michael and you and Bethany!

  3. For newbies and old-hands at auditioning, this info is a great reminder to stay open, receptive and collaborative and never waste time with self-deprecation and apologies.

  4. I just had a chance to watch this video and it is excellent. It’s a reminder to have a growth mindset and to be an active listener. Thank David, Bethany and Michael.

  5. Thank you for this session. In general, I love getting acting notes. The times where I struggle with getting notes are during auditions, when there is just a short time to shine. I wonder if I “messed up.” Instead, I need to remind myself that notes are gifts from the casting director.