Here’s the one thing you need to achieve success as a performer

A short, sweet video today.

Want the success you deserve as a VO artist, stage or on-camera actor? Here’s the one thing you need to work on, above all else, to achieve that success as a performer.

Watch the video, and follow the instructions. There’s a special gift involved:


Do what the video says in the comments below – and I’ll instantly give you your Guide…watch for the PDF pop up after you comment.

Hope this helps!



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  1. David, I have watched every one of your videos, read every one of your emails and celebrated every one of my victories with your advice as the base of my success. I’m ready to move even further forward. Thank you.

    1. ..I’ve booked Locals, Regional.s, Non Broadcast, Tutorials…I want to book a National WITH Residuals.I want to get rid of my limiting beliefs.

  2. David, you never cease to amaze me. Just when I think you’ve given everything, you give some more. Oh sure, you’re a consummate marketer in your own right, and when you team up with Dan O’Day, the combination is absolutely dynamite. In the three minute and 42-second video above, you have deftly, accurately, and sensitively described two of the most critical of human abilities — the ability to believe and then act on our beliefs. But, even more important is your strong underlying message that we, as individuals, have the ability to change our existing beliefs, and in doing so to change our lives for the better. I have three grandchildren who have been making noises about getting into the entertainment business and I am going to forward your message to them. Oh, and before this old codger forgets, “I’m ready.”

  3. As always, David, straightforward, informative and VERY POSITIVE! Just listening to your little blurb made me want to do more. Thank-you! I’m ready.

  4. I believe I’ll have another cup of coffee, and believe i am ready, ready for about anything!
    Thanks David

  5. Perfect timing! I was just working on this exact issue. I am so ready to get rid of my limiting beliefs and move out of this “state” I’ve been stuck in. The old tapes are ready to be erased. Thank you for this guide. 🙂

  6. I believe I’ll have another cup of coffee. And I believe I am ready, ready for about anything!
    Thanks David

  7. I’m not sure if I’m totally ready-my head’s not in a great place after I had a heart attack three weeks ago-but I’m willing to listen. Your classes and insights have been a terrific help, and you haven’t steered me wrong yet. Lay it on me, son.

  8. Thank you, David, for another compelling blog article and bonus video! First off, I’M READY!
    Here’s how I know.

    Thankfully, this week as been full of more work than I’ve seen in months. In the potpourri, I worked the hardest last night at a catering job, where I literally sweat with non-stop physical labor for over 7 hours earning a few hundred bucks. I was ordered around like a servant, with no chance to shine in any way.

    The day before, I was on set as a hand model–something I have done since about 1988. Because I had the experience and ingenuity, I solved the producer’s a problem on set, when the art department was floundering to get the prototype of the product to pour liquid. I pushed us thru the product shots quickly and my willingness to be hands on to create a solution was appreciated as an asset to the shoot. I simply did what I knew how to do as a working pro. Even if I’d not engaged as a problem-solver, I’d still have made 5x the money of the work last night, from which my feet frankly still hurt.
    I love doing these necessary shots efficiently for productions, because they’re often not well thought out before they need to be done. I’ve been there many times, so I can make it work for the production every time and love doing it.

    Lesson learned: I want to do more of what I can uniquely bring to a production and get paid well for the expertise I’ve cultivated, so I can disengage from every employment situation where I don’t feel valued. I want to shine!

  9. Hi David,

    I AM READY! I am so ready. I am a newbie and afraid to take that first step. I am afraid to fail, what if I do get a job and don’t know the correct way to edit the audio? What if, What if? I am tired of that. I have a million excuses to just do it. HELP!

  10. Hi David,

    I agree with you it is mindset that can limit us. What do I want? A fun career in retirement. What is holding me back? I have never been involved in anything creative. My solution, I just enrolled in a Junior College Acting One class to see If I will even like an acting path in my life. If I enjoy then I will ponder next steps…..

    I’m ready

  11. Dear David,
    A couple of years ago I started studying the Bible and have become a Jehovah’s Witness. I have been struggling with how to incorporate my love of performing especially comedy and still be loyal to my relationship with God and not conflict with His values ( made known to us in the Bible) I know it can be done, but you can imagine how many conflicts there will be in our current world of entertainment where “ anything goes”. How many voice jobs can I turn down without being completely out of the business!
    However, now I have more specific goals in mind for the type of voice work that I still want to do. However, there are only 24 hours in a day! Plus I am also an older woman of almost 67 years old (I know I am a dinosaur! ). I would love to do voice work for children and /or anything that involves changing my voice or using accents. I also love making people laugh! It is one of my pleasures in life to make people forget about their worries and just laugh!
    I have invested so money over the last five years in training and equipment and paying money to audition just trying to become a voice actor. I have never recouped that money although I have learned a lot about the industry and realize what the competition is like. My experience has been doing audiobooks, and have received very little compensation for all the work that it takes to make sure to turn out good recordings. I have taken your acx master class about 2 years ago. But, right after that was when I began my bible study.
    During that time I put voice work on hold because I was not sure how to incorporate it in what I was doing. I still have my website that shows my experience and demos for various types of voice work. But I know voice work would just be something I would only want to do part time. I am just reluctant to give it up altogether.
    Do you have any suggestions of how I can get work? Or do you think I am fighting a loosing battle between two conflicting pathways?
    I do have to tell you though that I admire the fact that you share so much with your fellow actors.
    Many actors that I know personally are usually very narcissistic and wouldn’t dream of helping anyone but themselves. So that is a very important part of your personality that I hope you never change.
    If you get a chance, take a look at my website ( was the old domaine that is now up for sale because I was persuaded to purchase it for 2,000.00 without realising what I needed to do to make it work for me.
    Thank you for reading my e-mail and any guidance you can give me. I Truly value your honest opinion in this matter even if you don’t tell me what I want to hear.
    Susan Reinhardt

    1. Thank you, Susan, for this message, and please share this with others! Click here to download your Guide:

      You asked my advice – and I think you would benefit greatly from having your hands held and guided through this process. Believe 2018 is really inexpensive, and is a deep dive into this work. Be sure to check out the last couple of pages of the Guide for a special invitation to join me on that journey.

  12. Hey David,
    I’m ready for my desire of having a successful voice over career to manifest !!! 🙂

    Thanks so much! Gretchen

  13. It’s a reasonable question, don’t you think…

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    Hope this helps.


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