Helping Make Resolutions Stick

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I just got finished reading an article on that had a pretty snacky way of adding some stickiness to New Year’s resolutions.

Melody Wilding wrote the article, Boost the Odds of Achieving Your Goals With 1 Simple Shift, and it has a simple premise: change the resolutions you make from the form of a statement, to the form of a question.

Here’s how:

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Hope this helps!


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Hey there, it’s David H Lawrence to 17th. And I hope you’re enjoying these videos. I’m making one a day for the next year.
365 videos were almost done with the first month is I record this.
And because we just started it, I’ve gotten a bunch of questions people saying hey, you know the very first video you did
was how to start something new for the new year.
I’m finding it really difficult as I normally do to keep that going to keep that in the position to stick.
I’m going to share something with you that just presented itself to me. I read an article on medium.
Dot-com by Melody Wilding. It’s called boost the odds of achieving your goals with one simple shift.
And as I read it I was thinking to myself. Wow, this is so simple. This is one of those things when you think about it you
go. Wow, why didn’t I think of that? Where is this Menachem? This hasn’t been presented to me up until now.
of the population
Makes a New Year’s resolution every year one half. So one of every two people.
Just 8% are able to follow through and make that resolutions stick.
And you’re really, you know jazzed up in January you love what you’re doing grades this new thing and then life happens
and all of a sudden it becomes really hard to do.
And she presents something that I think is really valuable. We often make
New Year’s resolutions in the form of a statement
I’m going to stop smoking. I’m going to lose weight. I’m going to book my First Coast star. I’m going to take a class on
how to do some sort of video.
I’m going to do is I’m I am going to do something with a. At the end.
so what she suggests is because
Can be kind of debilitating and boxing in on talk about that in a moment.
Why not turn it into a question?
so instead of
I’m going to stop smoking.
the question might be
How can I take the first step?
to stop smoking
let me seem like a really small really tiny little reframing of the of the situation, but the thing is
fascinating to people
You ask yourself a question. You find yourself wanting to figure out what the answer is. I mean, it’s a natural thing that
happens to people they want to find the answers. It’s like
a puzzle or Quest
whereas with statements
statements can
tend to shift into a pass-fail thing or a
true false thing or
can become a shaming thing, you know, I was going to stop smoking, but then I couldn’t install him a failure or
I’m going to get that CoStar within the first 90 days and 90 days come and go and you’re a failure, right?
But if you say what can I do?
To add to my tool belt that will make it more likely that I’ll get that.
Co-star role maybe you know, can I can I redo my real? Can I have a conversation with my agent?
Can I take a look at how people look at me how people type me maybe I’ll do a type me exercise.
these things
AR test
That you pass or you don’t pass like with a statement.
Right, if you don’t get that first co-star, or you don’t get that first class under your belt.
Well, then you failed. You didn’t pass you failed it instead of making it a test. How about making it a quest?
So simple thing to do is to take the statement that you created.
for the New Year’s resolution
And simply create a version of that. That is a question.
that you can answer that you can go find the answer for
And remember there’s no shame in asking a question.
And there’s no shame in taking some time to figure out the answers.
I would love to know what kind of New Year’s resolutions you made and it’s okay. If you haven’t been able to keep them you
can always make a January 25th resolution or a January 31st resolution or a June 2nd resolution.
You know, there’s nothing special about January 1st.
What what have you done? And what have you done?
That you’re proud of what have you done that maybe you’re not so proud of or you feel like you’re not because I don’t want
you to be like shameful about this stuff is hard.
It’s really hard. There’s no need to be ashamed so.
And are there any of those that you could take and turn into a question and would that be helpful? So give me the example
of the statement that you made for your New Year’s resolution and then the question that you made derive from that and ask
it will help you along and keeping that resolution sticking it follow through on them.
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I’m David H Lawrence to 17th and thank you so much for watching.
And I’ll talk to you tomorrow.



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  1. Hey David! Last year I made a resolution but I called it a goal. I made up a phrase that summarized that goal and I used the first letter of each word of that phrase plus some symbols to use as a password for anything related to that goal. Whenever I would log in to those related websites I was reminded of the phrase and of my goal. I think it helped me accomplish what I set out to do. Thanks for these daily chats. You are a powerhouse of ideas and energy!

  2. I love this concept. Years ago, a friend of mine shared with me a life lesson: It’s not the getting there, it’s the journey. In other words, it’s not reaching the goal or destination or end place that is the end desire. It’s the process of getting there with all of the twists, turns and lessons we learn along the way that is what’s important. It’s why, in yesterday’s message, VO is hard, until it’s not. This is what life is made of. So when we create the “what ifs” and “what will it takes” to get to that place we want to be, we develop our own journey of “getting there.”

    Thanks, David!

  3. My new years resolution for the past two years has been to stretch every day and get a full split to enhance my martial arts. Maybe I should ask myself, “How can I motivate myself to stretch ever day?” Thanks for the idea David.

  4. I have started classes on Voice Over. I am incorporating affirmations and daily schedules to my life… While I didn’t choose a “new years resolution” to do this in… it did happen to occur around new years. I am still going strong but with a couple of hiccups here and there.

    BTW, I really appreciate you doing these videos. It’s very helpful. I have learned a lot and continue to learn plenty. 🙂