ACX Jobs: They’re ALL SAG-AFTRA-Friendly

Hey, there!

Here’s some really good news if you’re an SAG-AFTRA member, looking for work as an audiobook narrator on ACX.

This is big news to some, and, unfortunately, viewed as not likely by some union members.

Trust me. It’s for real.

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Hope this helps!


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Hey there, it’s David H Lawrence the 17th. And this is a week of matriculation and one of the courses that I teach and we
had a question from one of our new.
registrants that has come up with for
And I don’t know why it’s so hard to stamp out this myth.
but I want to take care of it and hopefully this video will be watched and noticed and and
So a CX is the audiobook creation exchange and it’s what audible runs to match.
People like you voice over narrators.
Audiobook narrators with authors who have books that have not yet been.
turned into audio books
And there’s always a question among people who are in sag-aftra.
As to whether or not they can actually even do work on a CX because it sounds like it’s campy Union work. It’s
And then there’s on the other side questions from non-union people going. Hey or some of those projects Union and I can’t
do them.
So let me try to make sure that people understand this.
absolutely clearly
for once and for all
jobs on AC
Are all Union friendly?
Any sag-aftra member?
Can take any job on a CX?
Without fear of Retribution from the union or fear of not being approved for anything.
Conversely all jobs on a cxr also non-union friendly.
The way it works on a CX whether you’re in the union or not, you can do any job.
on a C
Now where people get confused.
They think themselves will these little tiny jobs that are like, you know an hour long or two hours long. They can’t
possibly pay.
Health and retirement, that’s not so that can’t be Union work.
So there’s a difference between a job that is able to be taken by a union member or a non-union member.
and a job that if a union member takes it
We’ll pay them. Not only there narration fee.
But also an additional amount of money for their health and retirement.
And the answer to that is yes. There are some projects most projects that you can’t do that any Royal to share projects.
They don’t do that but per finished our projects that meet a certain criteria those pay health and retirement in addition
to your in addition to your
narration fee
Admonition that I would have for you and I’m going to talk about this in a separate video.
is that
Even if you’re not in the Union.
If you have the opportunity to do a union qualifying job.
That you select of the three buttons, which is decline except.
And accept with after health and retirement. Those are the options that you get when you go to accept a job on a CX that
you choose the one that says.
If it’s available, it’ll be damned if it’s not available, but if it’s available except with after health and retirement,
even if you’re not in the Union.
Cuz number one he can get you in the union. It’s one of those events.
That will make it possible for you to get into sag-aftra, but there’s a bigger reason.
And that is that you can start to contribute to your after health and retirement.
Even if you’re not in the Union.
Yes, you can take the work.
No, not all work will contribute to health and retirement.
And I’m talking about union members here and if you’re not a union member.
You can also take to work, but you wouldn’t be able to get it though those funds should you choose to do it with after
health and retirement?
I can see where the confusion can come in.
Because of the difference between a union job.
And a union job that pays enough money to qualify for health and retirement contributions.
So those are two things to keep aware of and if you’re not in the Union.
It’s a great entryway. Should you want to be in the union and in a separate videos? I said I’m going to talk more deeply
about the
Idea of having a union helping retirement account. Even if you’re not in the Union.
That’s coming up. So question for you is this is all clear. Does this make sense?
Let me know in the comments below if you have any other further questions, I hope this is and I hope that those of you who
are watching this video that are in the union and cannot believe that this is the case and simply refused to accept that
this is the case, please.
I wouldn’t lie to you. I really wouldn’t so questions or comments below.
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there’s no head there then look for a subscribe button somewhere on the page. If you want to see the latest video, I put
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I’m David H Lawrence xvii. I so appreciate you watching these videos everyday.
Let me know what you think.
And I’ll talk to you tomorrow.



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  1. Hi David,

    Thanks once again for explaining this so clearly. I understand how some can be confused. The union is stodgy with some of it’s limitations, so it’s difficult to believe that ACX allows not only both union and non-union narrators, but that if you are non-union you can get established with the union and begin your retirement plan and qualify for medical! It’s amazing! I’m not there yet, but this is my goal for this year … union membership through ACX.

    Thanks again!


  2. Thanks, David! Very clear to me. Surprised that I could contribute, when offered the option, to the union even though I’m no longer a member. I was an aftra member during the 80,90s and early 2000s, but wasn’t actually working in the industry at that time — so I gave up my membership. Now, after retiring in 2018 from my day job, I am a full-time VO actor and would love to join the union but sadly, the cost of rejoining is beyond my financial capability. But this information does help clear up the confusion on ACX. Excellent explanation David! Thanks again.

  3. Thank you so much for this video but I do have a question. If you get a PFH job offer and you click the accept with SAG-AFTRA button will you receive less money overall? Meaning, is the RH paying part of your negotiated PFH toward SAG or is ACX Paying toward SAG?

    1. You’re asking two separate questions. ACX doesn’t pay any of the health and retirement fees, the RH does. And it depends upon what you negotiate with the RH – either paying those fees in addition to your base production fee, or having them deducted from your production fee. Both are allowed by SAG-AFTRA.

  4. Hey David,
    Could you do an explanation of how much you might make after the H and R and also the paymaster fee is taken out (if you accept with H and R of course). I already pay an editor a portion of my PFH rate and it’s seeming like I’d need to raise by rate by quite a bit to make that make sense. Thanks!