0024: Hands On Demo Of Pozotron + 6x Bigger Free Trial Link

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Show notes

Hey there, hero!

After telling my VOHeroes Pros and my students in the ACX Master Class about Pozotron during the last week (they get the inside skinny first, always), it’s time to share with you.

Pozotron represents another leap forward in productivity when narrating audiobooks, cutting down your proofing and pickups by up to 95%. A bold prediction, but that’s been my experience with it.

And in this podcast episode, I show you from my desktop, and with a current audiobook project I’m in the middle of, how stunningly beautiful it is and how amazingly inexpensive it is.

But nothing’s less expensive than free, and the only thing that’s better than free is 6 times the amount of free.

With the link below, I’ve negotiated not the normal 1 hour of free trial usage of Pozotron, but SIX hours of free usage, plus a new rollover pricing package that makes the paid version practically noise in your production budget. Enjoy (and act fast):



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  1. I just got Pozotron and used it on my first 15 of my next book! Easy peazy thanks to your video. Markers worked perfectly. This is so wonderful and will save so much time! Thanks for getting us 6 hours. I should be able to do the entire book! You are my hero!

  2. Pretty brilliant stuff. Great to know narrators a tool to make tracks letter-perfect, with less time than previously. Many thanks for looking out of us and for negotiating a great 6-hour free trial.

  3. WHAT A LIFESAVER!!! I love Pozotron!! ANd the folks there are AMAZING! Ryan Hicks is a hoot and just an all around good human being! Thank you soooo much for this tip!!