For The Sheer Joy Of It

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

Hey there!

Time to hand out a permission slip.

I got an email from a viewer who wondered aloud how I keep my spirits up. She said, “Every time I watch on of your videos, your joy is infectious. How do you do that?”

I’d never really thought about it. I guess I just figured everyone has something that sparks joy.

Boy, was I wrong.

Hope this helps!



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  1. No matter what I’ve done professionally, I always seem to end up teaching–somehow, in whatever circumstances, to whatever audience. My joy is what I call “the lightbulb moment”: that instant when someone really grasps the implication of something they’re learning. I even enjoy the experience myself, when a concept “clicks” and I can see how it fits with other pieces of my being. Joy.

  2. I love introducing people to Dungeons and Dragons by running a session for them. I was at a birthday party this past Friday and I had a conversation about D&D with an acquaintance of mine and she starting asking me all kinds of questions about it. I got excited and asked her if she’d want to try it, and she said yes. I’m coordinating one of my many one-shot adventures so she can learn to play. I love it! Thanks for the video David.

  3. You mentioned repetitive tasks and I have to admit that I kinda love editing my own VO – it becomes an enjoyable challenge to see how quickly I can get everything done without sacrificing quality. Joy!

  4. There are so many little geeky things every day that I get a small kick out of. Stuff like random numbers lining up into patterns. I actually take pictures of my speedometer/trip odometer/clock/MPG readout when the numbers align in funny ways. And then, in the driving realm again, there’s a game I play while commuting to my job, where I try to get the highest-possible MPG on a trip. I recently got 40.8 MPG on a 45.5-mile trip, in my 6-cyl Honda Accord Sedan. Does this have any practical application to my job? Provide me with any income? No! But it still tickles my funny bone. So there you go.