0008: Five Words That Help You Consider The Source

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Hey there, hero!

Ever wonder how someone knows what they know? How what they are telling you as fact, is, in fact, fact?

Do you find yourself trying to get at the truth about how our business works, and you’re confused about what is actual truth, and what is mere conjecture?

I have just five words for you.


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  1. I like this! I try to just stay quiet when someone makes a broad generalization like this because typically the person is on a run to fill the air with the sound of their voice–but there are times I want to figure out how they got to their conclusion. This is a good way to dig in without getting someone defensive.

  2. I would (and Have) qualified the ‘How do you know that?’ with ‘Because I Actually, Genuinely, want to understand what you …’ I have found that the genuinity with which I pose that question leads to an Engagement, rather than a Confrontation – similar to (and Credit D.H.L. XVII) asking a Furthering question: ‘Oh, how so?’