Don’t Use ROI As A Measurement Too Soon. Use This Instead: ROS

Hey there, hero!

Every time I launch a new edition of my training programs, I’m sure to get this question:

“So, if I buy your training, how soon will I make my money back?”

And in our business, that’s an impossible question to answer.

In fact, if any training program claims to have that answer, run from them. Leave skid marks.

There’s lots of times that ROI (return on investment) makes sense as a metric of success.

Not in our business.

Here’s a suggestion for something more…satisfying.

Hope this helps!



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  1. I asked you if it was possible to make money before finishing the entire program, to which you answered that it is possible, but it would depend on a lot of factors. I agree with the idea of thinking more about ROS, rather than ROI, when it comes to being a performer.

  2. I’ve suppressed (attenuated?) my creative/acting side for 30+(+) years. I was just not getting any satisfaction from engineering/tech comm, and had no confidence that the industry would get any better. If anything, it’s the opposite. Getting worse. Kinda like broadcasting, which I left 30 years ago. So…the ROI I hoped to see when I decided to attend a voiceover “boot camp” had nothing to do with finances. It was about setting free something in me, and *maybe* taking an earlier retirement than I’d had in mind up to then. Today, I’m in a good place financially, and just hoping to separate from the golden ball-and-chain corporate income, sooner. The return I hope for will be saying farewell to the “bread trade,” and Hello! to *real* satisfaction!

  3. When I started with VO classes I thought what a cool way to make a living. As time went on and I continued to pay large sums of money for instruction I began to think when can I expect a ROI. Now I don’t expect ROI and my enthusiasm has waned.